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ScraEgg: German Startup Builds Device That Makes Scrambled Eggs in 15 Seconds

When you wake up in the morning, don’t you find it a bit of a hassle to look for something to eat? Most people don’t have breakfast in the morning, but sometimes you want just a little something to get you by on the way to work. So, aren’t eggs the perfect thing for you? But, there’s the problem of cooking. You have to wash the pans, and sometimes it’s not really healthy when you have to use oil for your scrambled eggs. Well, one device from Germany has the solution to all your problems.

ScraEgg is a household device but can also be used in retail and gastronomy. It can… you read it right, make scrambled eggs in 15 seconds! It’s 100% sure to give you quality eggs every time, super simple to use, no need for oil or pans, no odor during production, and so much more features.


How does ScraEgg work?

ScraEgg uses steam to cook your eggs. All the while continuously mixing it with steam nozzles to create trapped air which makes the fluffy consistent we come to know as scrambled eggs. It doesn’t need you to use any kind of oil, therefore it’s not only convenient, but it’s also healthy! You just put your egg in the cup, set it up on the device, and 15 seconds later you have a perfect breakfast. And get this, they have different flavors too. They have your classic bacon variations, sweet dessert kind of eggs, or even seafood choices!


Also, everything they use like their tubes, are made from recyclable materials. It’s heart-warming to see a company with the vision of having more people on a sustainable diet. They also are proud to say that their products are manufactured in Germany, which is known to have high-quality products in general.

For more information, you can visit their website here, to contact them directly or look for a ScraEgg near you! What do you think of this 15-second delicious device? Tell us your comments down below.

YouTube: ScraEgg – Inhouse (English)

Photo credit: All images shown belong to Scraegg GmbH.

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