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Recruit Everybody in London in ‘Watch Dogs: Legion’ [Video]

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Here’s a longplay footage clip of the latest Watch Dogs installment “Watch Dogs: Legion“. Instead of a single protagonist, we find ourselves with a, you guessed it, a legion of potential playable characters. Actually, almost all citizens of London can be recruited into your team, if their talents match your style of playing.

This clip was recorded right from the start of the campaign, and almost no story elements were touched, so there won’t be any spoilers. The online mode is planned to be launched in early 2021. The video has been recorded from an Xbox Series X via Twitch. Any artifacts or other video issues are not part of the game but originate in streaming quality.

YouTube: Let’s Play Watch Dogs Legion [Gameplay, No Commentary]

Photo credit: The feature image is a screenshot that was taken in the game’s photo mode. All material shown is owned by Ubisoft.

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