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Hack-Attack: Our Watch_Dogs Review

The all-new Watch_Dogs, set in a futuristic and an entirely simulated city of Chicago, is set to hit the market soon – packed with new features that has already set gamers’ pulses racing with the anticipation.

Aiden-Pierce-Profile-Shot-Watch-Dogs-heroAllowing gamers to use virtually every available piece of infrastructure of the city in their battle against nefarious elements, the creators of Watch_Dogs have upped the ante this time round. For the first time, they have combined the experience of gaming at home with that of enjoying it with friends far away via smart phones.

In this new format, a gamer will be able invite his friends and call for their cooperation in playing the game even if they are miles away from a gaming console by using just their smart phones. Watch_Dogs envisages a Chicago where every piece of infrastructure is controlled by a web of computer networks and no move goes unnoticed by this omnipresent technology.

Playing as the central character, Aiden Pearce, the gamers are allowed to use and manipulate this network to their advantage. Using Pearce’s smart phone, the users have the option of manoeuvring everything from traffic lights to bridge openings to movement of trains for their ends.

Till now the idea of using all pervasive technology to win pitched battles was the purview of high budget sci-fi Hollywood films. But with Watch_Dogs gamers can now sit in the comfort of their homes and experience for themselves something they till now could only watch.

In order to further enhance the experience, the creators have brought in a new game engine – Disrupt – which makes use of highly sophisticated processing to make the visual simulations as real as possible and create a Chicago that seems more alive than ever before.

Clara-Lille-watch-dogs-profile-shotNot just that, some of the best minds of the industry have been brought together – none other than the team behind the celebrated Driver series – to build a whole array of 65 cars that are available in the game. The team has, true to its track record, built vehicles with unheard-of-before horsepower allowing gamers a smooth experience as they race through the streets of the city.

Along with the use of at least 30 traditional weapons, Watch_Dogs calls on gamers to do a lot of quick thinking by allowing them to use all the technology around to win the challenge. So, considering that every movement of the citizens is being tracked through security cameras, gamers access the mainframe to gain information they need in their fight versus evil. In short, everything you can possibly think of can prove to be a weapon against the enemies.

Sounds like your favourite Hollywood action movie? That’s because it is, just a lot better! After all, Watch_Dogs has all the elements of being a blockbuster. A brilliant a thug-turned-vigilante hero, a heartbreaking background story, a futuristic world dependent on technology, world class gaming experience and above all – calling for quick, on-the spot thinking of gamers and allowing them to seek help from loyal friends. So this summer, get set for this new offering to take the gamer’s hearts by storm!

Make sure to grab your copy for either PC, current generation or next-gen consoles. Pre-order now or wait for the official release date of Watch_Dogs on the 27th of May 2014. Make sure to also check out the limited edition because it has the soundtrack, an artbook and an awesome 9″ Aiden Pierce Figurine. Dig the game? Make sure to drop me your comments below!

YouTube: Watch_Dogs – “Exposed” Trailer by Ubisoft

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