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kSafe to Help You Form Good Habits

Storing food (and other items) is an integral part of every person’s adult life. Provided you don’t live with your parents, that is. But even then, you still might need to think about storage.

For a very long time, most of the food storage problems were solved by Tupperware, the practical yet often pricey solution popularized by baby boomers and subject of events called “Tupperware parties”. While they’re very useful, traditional solutions might not respond to the changing and different expectations of new generations. This is where kSafe comes in.

Food storage + willpower training = kSafe

The kSafe came to being thanks to the research published by scientists at Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Yale, and Stanford. These folks discovered that pre-commitment can dramatically increase our chances of achieving goals. Pre-commitment refers to committing to a smart choice now, when you know you’ll face the temptation of a bad choice later.


While it’s meant to be a container for various items, kSafe is so much more than that. In fact, its containers come with a timer. That’s right, the container will not unlock until the timer reaches zero. You just place an item in the container, rotate the button to set the timer, and press it to activate the lock.

There are no built-in overrides, so there’s no cheating. You can store whichever item you want, for up to 10 days. This is an excellent solution for those lacking willpower to keep their hands off food, candy, game console controllers or even their phones.

It comes in three sizes: mini, medium, and XL. The mini kSafe can fit phones up to 5.8” (147mm) which fits small items such as cash, credit cards, or cigarettes. The medium one can hold larger phones and snacks. Finally, the XL is big enough to store an iPad Mini, small liquor bottles, and other items up to 10.4”. Unlike traditional containers, the lid itself can fit all three basic sizes so there’s no worries of lost or mixed lids.


If you have your mind set on kSafe, you can order the mini and medium container for $49, and the XL for $59. Bases can be bought separately, ranging from $19-$24 per item.

YouTube: Kitchen Safe

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