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Microsoft Launches New Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 [Video]

We know that Microsoft is putting a lot of effort into enabling as many people as they can to play games. Not long ago we reported on their accessibility adaptive controller kit which was a great solution for various gamers who are not able to play games with normal controllers.

During the E3 event of Microsoft, they announced a new Elite Controller series for the Xbox and for Windows computers. With a $179.99 MSRP price tag, this baby doesn’t come cheap but it makes up for it in various ways.

It is not only an interesting option for pro-gamers, esport athletes and gaming enthusiasts, but it also provides new options to swap parts and change the key mapping. Check the video below for a quick overview of the new features and goodies included.

YouTube: New Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Photo credit: All material shown has been provided by Microsoft as part of a press kit.
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