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Morph Bottle: For Water and Your Important Things

Many of us like to have a bottle of water with us at all times, and doctors even suggest it. Be it for the gym, office, wherever, experts advise that you always carry a bottle of water with you. Traditional water bottles are not ideal – they can only store one kind of liquid, and even then you have to take care of the amount of that liquid and its temperature. To save you of these problems, here comes the Morph Bottle – the world’s first insulated hydration bottle that has a self-adjustable and removable storage compartment for your essentials.

Characteristics of Morph Bottle

Morph Bottle has two separate compartments that adjust automatically based on the contents. In one compartment you can carry your drink and in another your EDC (everyday carry) essentials, such as credit cards, keys, etc.


Morph Bottle’s removable storage compartment self-adjusts on the basis of the size and number of items you put in it. It shrinks to the minimum size for your essentials. Morph Bottle holds 20 ounces when the EDC compartment is empty, and 15 ounces of liquid when it is filled.

The EDC compartment’s made of a collapsible food-grade silicone pocket. So you can put the items in the pocket and fill the bottle. The water pressure reduces empty space in the pocket, thus making more room for water.

Sounds great! Where can I buy my own Morph Bottle?

You can have your very own Morph Bottle if you pledge as little as $37 USD on its Kickstarter page as an early bird. If you miss out on that offer, don’t worry. Pledging $50 USD will provide you with a Morph Bottle at 9% off future retail price.


If you want more than one Morph Bottle, perhaps to give another to someone as a gift or just to have two of them for yourself, then you can purchase a tandem kit for $88 USD, which is 20% off future retail price. Pledging $168 USD will give you an amazing quartet set of, you guessed it, four Morph Bottles!

And that’s not all, you can also purchase a set of six of these amazing bottles for your team, called the Ultimate Team Pack with a price tag of just $240 USD, which is 27% off future retail price.

YouTube: Morph Bottle – Essentials and Hydration in a Single Bottle

Photo credit: All material used is owned by Alexander Lau and Morph Bottle. It has been provided to us as part of a press kit for media usage.

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