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Kids Learn Coding for Free with CodeGuppy

Teach ‘em young, they said. So CodeGuppy heeded this call and came up with easy, fun, and free JavaScript coding tutorials for the young ones and the young once.  Yes, you read it right, it’s free. Plus, it works directly on your browser, so there’s no need to install any program or software.

Typically, the curriculum is designed for children as young as 10-13 years old, but younger kids can definitely get their hands busy as well with the program with some parental guidance. The students could choose whatever tutorial video they want to learn at their own pace and time. CodeGuppy includes various interactive games and activities that would help the kids to appreciate and love the art of coding.

solar system graphics
Image: CodeGuppy

Why is it essential to learn to code?

Coding is one of the in-demand skills in the 21st century as almost everything is going digital nowadays, and the demand for it has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.  With millions of ideas for possible apps and games, wouldn’t it be cool if we can let our kids create their own?

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At CodeGuppy, the students would learn JavaScript, which is the most common and popular programming language used in this day and age. It has flexible syntax, which makes it more engaging for beginners.

CodeGuppy photos coding program graphics
Image: CodeGuppy

Understanding CodeGuppy

CodeGuppy provides all the necessary tools one needs for coding and developing programs. It has a library with all the basic graphical commands that the students could use in their programming. It also has a wide array of animated characters, background images, and sounds to choose from that the kids could use in their graphics. But if you prefer having a unique character, you may customize your own directly in the coding area. But the good thing about the type-in sprites/character is that they travel with your code.

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CodeGuppy comes in a pre-set canvas sized at 800×600, which is enough to accommodate a wide range of programs. It has a multi-scene code editor where the kids could type in their first codes. Although this method is not that efficient, having actually to type in the codes and programs would help the students to get familiar and comfortable with the languages used in programming.

CodeGuppy cartoons guy with cap and laptop
Image: CodeGuppy

Kids could start the coding from scratch or customize those existing programs which were done by others. They then could share their programs with their family and friends for feedback. They could even share them on their blogs, social media, or website.

CodeGuppy for educators

Even educators can take advantage of CodeGuppy. They have a “Draw with Code” lesson which is simply a collection of graphical commands that, when entered, would create a graphical output. Students would be provided with printed materials, and they would just need to type in some short and simple programs and run them to see if it works.

There is just so much opportunity to start learning how to code at CodeGuppy. If you’re interested to know more, please visit their website at codeguppy.com.

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Photo source: The featured image has been taken by Annie Spratt. The rest of the images in the article were provided for press usage by CodeGuppy.

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