Which Programming Language Should You Learn First? [Flowchart]


Back in the old days (10 years ago), the words code and programming language were only used by supergeeks. Learning how to code was something that only extreme computer nerds were interested in. All that has changed now. In our technology-obsessed culture, knowing how to use a programming language has blossomed into being a valuable business skill for anyone, especially entrepreneurs.

These days, you can even learn how to code for free. You can click over to 9 Places You Can Learn How to Code (for Free) to learn more about that. If you want to learn how to code, you have one big decision to make. Which programming language should you learn first? There are so many to choose from.

It really comes down to what and why you are going to be coding, and what your interests are. Of course, eventually you’ll probably want to learn more than one programming language so you don’t limit yourself when it comes to problem solving, but in the beginning, just choose one.

I have always been interested in coding, but all I know how to do is very basic HTML. I’m excited to learn more though. This flowchart called Which Programming Language Should I Learn First? is very helpful.

The original blog post that accompanies this flowchart is phenomenal. It’s full of super useful links and information that can serve as a complete guide for anyone interested in learning a programming language. I highly recommend clicking over to CarlCheo to read it. It will save you a ton of research time when you get ready to learn this skill.

It’s interesting to me that handwriting (cursive writing) is no longer taught in school. Most kids complete their homework on a computer. The art of handwriting has faded away. In contrast to that, coding and programming are being taught more and more in school. If the trend continues, children will learn programming languages just like they learn other languages. Even the BBC calls coding the new Latin.

Good luck choosing which programming language to start with on your journey. If these languages are anything like HTML, it’s gonna be a super fun process. I’m looking forward to it!

Photo credit: Hector Garcia / CarlCheo

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