Vodafone Business and AWS Host Dev Training to Build Future Verticals


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You’ve read many posts around the topics of smart cities, future gaming experiences, automotive innovation, machine learning in healthcare, and AR and VR for entertainment and professional use cases here on TechAcute before. While this is exciting to read about, it’s even more exciting to consider such verticals as a potential career path for developers of all kinds.

But how do you get involved in this space? Of course, there are courses on MOOCs and some universities, but this sort of info sometimes comes a bit too late to hit the masses. A good source of up-to-date information in the tech world is when you can work directly with companies who are pioneers and have a strong focus on building out talent as much as developing novel solutions and innovative products.


About the Edge Innovation Programme

Vodafone Business and AWS are working together to build a 3-month programme around exactly these points. Developers who join the Edge Innovation Programme will be able to team up with experts from the industry and get direct support from the universities involved in the programme to learn about subjects that will be imperative to building the tech world of tomorrow. Participants can also get tips and tools for developing low-latency edge computing applications.

What else is will be part of the offering? Developers in the programme will also get access to:

  • Access to Vodafone 4G/5G and AWS Wavelength to test and deploy and app
  • Edge training and technical support from Vodafone and AWS
  • Technical advisory and mentoring from universities, industry experts, and connectivity experts
  • AWS promotional credits


What’s next? Join a training session first:

This just hit us, and there is an upcoming opportunity to join Vodafone Business and AWS experts for a technical training session to learn more about developing ultra-low-latency applications on a Vodafone 5G network with AWS Wavelength.

The next training session is planned for the 4th of February 2021, at 1 pm GMT / 2 pm CET 2nd of March, 2021 at 1 pm GMT, and you can easily find out how to jump on this event by visiting their website with more info. This training session is part of the Vodafone Business Edge Innovation Programme. As part of that, you will also be able to have some hands-on experiences in their virtual lab and dev environment. Update: The session in February took place, but there were so many participants registered that another session has been scheduled for March. Video-on-demand will be made available after the sessions have been completed.

Vodafone Business and AWS Edge Innovation Programme Dev Training Session Registration

Whether you’re already a professional and want to discover new things in a cutting-edge environment or a learner who is looking for an interesting career path to build amazing things in the future, this certainly sounds like an interesting opportunity to learn more. The programme is currently targeted at people in the UK and in Germany, but maybe there will be more regions supported in the future.

YouTube: Developer Training Opportunity to Build Future Verticals with Vodafone Business and AWS

Photo credit: All images shown are owned by Vodafone Business and were used with permission.
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