What Are the Most Popular Programming Languages in 2022?


In correspondence to technological advancement, there has been a rising trend in using multiple programming languages. Over the last few years, some languages have gained popularity such as Python. A similar trend was seen for the language TypeScript, which is approximately three times more popular now than in 2017.

Currently, there is no international body for ranking programming languages, so we have to rely on the surveys of different independent institutions. However, the fact is that these rankings are based on different parameters. Therefore, what parameters a surveyor is using is more important to have a holistic understanding. If you are not a programmer, you must know that different end goals such as websites, system software, finance, games, and automation blockchains require the usage of different programing languages. Similarly, on different platforms such as web (on the front- and back-end), mobile, and desktop use  different programming languages depending on the compatibility and end results.

The sixth annual survey conducted by JetBrains targeted multiple professionals. Ninety-two percent of participants were programmers while the remaining 8% were involved in teaching, academic research, system design, and the like. Amongst these professionals, 66% were developing back-end coding for web which made up the majority while the rest developed for the front-end of web coding, mobile, and desktop which ranked second, third, and fourth respectively.

Results of the survey

Many developers may agree or disagree over the ranking of the most popular programming languages in 2022. That said, here are the most popular programming languages in the last 12 months, according to JetBrains’ survey.

20. Groovy (4%)
19. Assembly (4%)
18. Ruby (5%)
17. Swift (7%)
16. GraphQL (8%)
15. Rust (9%)
14. Dart (9%)
13. Kotlin (16%)
12. Go (19%)
11. PHP(20%)
10. C (20%)
9. C# (23%)
8. C++ (25%)
7. TypeScript (34%)
6. Shell scripting languages (34%)
5. Java (48%)
4. SQL (49%)
3. Python (53%)
2. HTML/CSS (55%)
1. JavaScript (65%)


The programming languages that are becoming less popular include PHP, Ruby, Objective-C, and Scala. The most popular programming language, JavaScript, is used by 65% of developers in one way or another. TypeScript’s usage has almost tripled over the course of 6 years, increasing from 12% in 2017 to 34% in 2022. Would it eventually replace JavaScript? Although it is rapidly catching up to JavaScript, it remains to be the top choice for programming seeing that 92% of TypeScript developers use JavaScript, with 40% choosing it as one of their primary languages.

JavaScript is also ranked the most popular primary language with a share of 34%, followed by Python (33%), Java (31%), HTML/CSS (20%), Typescript (18%), SQL (17%), C# (14%), C+(12%), and others. However, the most favorite programming language was Python with share of 20%. Other favourites that ranked high were Java (16%), JavaScript(9%), C# (9%), Kotlin (7%), and Typescript (6%). Finally, although it has been ranked as the most popular programming language, JavaScript was also ranked with as the least favorite with 16%. The ones that followed were Java (15%), C (10%), PHP(10%), C++ (7%), Python (6%), and C#(3%).

Photo credits: The feature image is only symbolic and has been taken by Elias Herter.

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