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Sensel Morph: New Modular All-In-One Input Device

I used to have a huge backpack that I used for a portable media production studio. It had a space for a laptop with peripherals, for a Wacom tablet, and a small M-Audio keyboard. I loved my gear but the problematic thing was that you never actually have the gear with you when inspiration strikes.

Then came the Smartphones and things transformed a little to be focused on apps and peripherals for your phone for production. Either that or you captured on the go and left everything raw until you got home or in the studio. Not exactly ideal but that’s just how it was.

Sensel is a startup company from Mountain View, California, in the U.S., and was founded in 2013 by Ilya Rosenberg, Aaron Zarraga. They made it their goal to build a new kind of pressure-sensitive, multi-touch input device. An input device that could be more than a drawing tablet, a MIDI keyboard, or something else with just a single purpose. The Sensel Morph is a modular product that lets you switch its function only by putting a new layer on top.

So what are the options, they currently offer? You can get the Sensel Morph input device with a keyboard for writing, an overlay for music production, a musical keyboard overlay, a drum pad overlay, an overlay for drawing or painting like and art tablet, a gaming overlay, an overlay for universal media editing, or get the innovator’s kit for the creative tinkerers (Github). Each overlay is currently priced at $24.99.

You can now preorder the Sensel Morph with an estimated shipping date in December 2016. The actual device costs $249.99 and comes with one overlay of your choice. Considering the fact that only one of these functions would already cost an amount like that for the single-purpose-device, the pricing of the Sensel Morph seems fair. It can connect to your devices with Bluetooth or a USB cable.

Their Kickstarter campaign is already over but their page still offers a lot of great insight and interviews of people who have already been using the Sensel Morph. This might be interesting if you want to hear what the musician thought about the solution or what the illustrator thought about it. What do you think about it? We’d love to hear from you. Just drop us a line below in the comment section!

YouTube: The Sensel Morph: INTERACTION, EVOLVED.

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