10 Productive Business Process Automation Apps


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Want to save thousands of dollars in your business? Here is an idea: automate your repetitive tasks. Businesses waste $1.8 trillion annually due to repetitive tasks that can be automated. But how can you achieve automation? Here is a list of ten applications that can help you automate your repetitive tasks and bring more productivity into your business.

  1. Visitor Management System

The reception desk is the first impression of your business for the mind of an outsider. Your business process should also be automated from this point to increase productivity. A visitor management system can easily do it for you. It will save yours and visitors valuable time. An automated visitor management system will streamline your visitor’s check-in and check-out process, establish security on identifying them accurately and save administrative cost on providing digital badges to your visitors. VisitorTrack is a useful visitor management system that will automate your visitor’s check-in and check-out process and reduce the amount of manual labor for your staff.

  1. Asset Management System

After you have done automating your reception, you should automate your asset management process in your office. Often businesses are keeping track of assets manually. It kills time and more and hardly can you get accurate information to track your asset effectively. Asset management software will streamline the process. Using an asset management application, you can check your asset ownership (who is having what sort of asset like a mouse, laptop), get an automated notification on asset repair, recovery, and allocation. In short, you can manage all of your assets just by a simple click.

  1. Expense Tracker

A simple expense report has to go through multiple complicated steps to finish the processing. It wastes time and money. You can automate the whole process by adopting an expense tracking system in your organization. Using expense tracking application your employees can make expense report effortlessly with the help of pre-build expense reporting form, transform their receipt into the digital piece. Your management can approve expense requisition from a remote location and can always be updated on the office expense. In short, using an expense tracking software will eliminate your cumbersome expense reporting system and bring efficiency and effectiveness in the process. Your accounting and finance team is going to love this one.

  1. Vendor Management

Automate processes of your purchasing and procurement department. Use a vendor management system to automate the process. Vendor management will help you to understand their service quality checking back their past service record, give easy access to their contact details, an overview of the purchase arrival and delivery so that you keep updated all the time and so on. In short, this software will eliminate your hassle and make your task fast and efficient.

  1. CMMS

If you are in a manufacturing business, you must know that a sudden shutdown of your business can cost you millions of dollars. Schedule maintenance of the machine can save you from this unexpected shutdown. A computerized machine maintenance software can automate this massive task and save your machine from a sudden closure. Using this software you can do periodic maintenance schedule, preventive maintenance schedule, set work-order, and get a notification on a routine schedule and so on.

  1. Corporate Wellness App

Employee’s wellness is significantly related to productivity and organization success. Motivated and engaged employees are more likely to be productive and efficient. In this competitive business world motivating each of your employees can be challenging. You might lose focus and might waste time if you follow the manual process of motivating your employees. Take help from employee wellness app for employee motivation. Using a wellness app, you can motivate your employees from a single location, encourage them by sending kudus, recognize their performance by sending those badges and reward them for staying healthy. Isn’t that great?

  1. Contract Management

A single business often has to go through multiple contracts. Use contract management application to ease your task and save your valuable time. Using contract management software you can save your contract paper digitally, give digital signature, get a notification on upcoming deadlines and so on. Long story short, contract management application will turn your complex contract management process into an easy and efficient one.

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  1. Issue Tracker

How do you resolve issues in your organization? If you are still following the manual process, it is time to change them. Use Issue tracking software to keep track of your organizational issues like pc failure, sudden internet failure, electricity failure in a particular area, etc. Use issue tracking application, if you want to bring smoothness in operation. If you can’t directly spot one, start your research with ITSM suites such as ServiceNow or ZenDesk.

  1. Biometric Identification System

Did you know, according to research, companies lose 3% from their payroll due to buddy punching and time theft? In other words, companies lose millions of dollars due to the following manual employee identification process. Use biometric identification process to bring accuracy in the system. Biometric technology is nearly impossible to forge and cannot be manipulated. Which means there will be no minimum chance of buddy punching and time theft, you will get an accurate result on which you can rely on.

  1. Employee Database Management System

Manage your employee’s profile, their demographic data, emergency contact, and other relevant data by using employee database management system. It will help your employees to find actual data of the employees when required instead of searching their data from here and there and will save their valuable time. This one might be interesting for HR in general but also for team leads and line managers.

What do you think about this list? Was there anything you might benefit from? Do you know of good alternatives? Make sure to drop us a comment with your thoughts below.

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