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How to Add Links to PDF Files Online

You need to quickly add links to text or graphics on a PDF file without making use of expensive software that you’d need to install first? Here’s our tutorial for you on how you can add links in PDF files easily and online directly in your browser, without any costs and without installing anything on your computer.

Making use of PDF files can be quite useful. This format is often the standard when compiling closed documents and sharing them with business partners or other professional reasons. They display data in the same way whatever OS you’re using, and they’re easy to create. You can convert most files into a PDF and even merge multiple PDF files into a single one. But sometimes you need to add links to a PDF file on graphics or text and don’t have access to the source files or don’t have PDF editing software on the computer you’re using right now. Fortunately, the web application PDFescape allows you to do just that – and more.

How to add links to PDF

In this tutorial, we cover how to add links to PDF files using the free (online) PDFescape tool in Windows.

  1. Go to PDFescape and click Free Online.
  2. Choose Upload PDF to PDFescape to prepare the file to be edited.
  3. When the file opens, editing options on the left-hand side will be made available. For this example, I’m using an excerpt from my CV to illustrate how it works in PDFescape.


  4. Choose the Link option. You’ll be asked to click and drag the yellow box to a spot on your file where you’d like the link to be.
  5. When prompted, paste your URL into the input field provided. Continuing the example, I added a link to my TechAcute profile to my author’s name as specified on my CV. You can add a page number of your file, too, if you like it to redirect to a specific page.
  6. Repeat as many times as necessary if you need more links in your file. Here, I also added a link to my Twitter profile. That way, people who see my CV can learn more about me by clicking on the relevant links.
  7. Once you’ve added all the links you need, click on the green arrows button on the left-hand side to save and download your file.

Once you’ve done that, your file would have the links you need. You have a fully functioning PDF file with the links embedded directly into it thanks to PFDescape. Take note though that this isn’t a perfect solution (free apps rarely are, and you should take proper care when using them for business purposes).

PDFescape only allows PDF files of up to 100 pages and 10 megabytes. So, if you have a lengthy contract or a big portfolio with many artworks, consider splitting your file first or purchasing the premium version, starting at $2.99 per month. However, it’s a good product if you need to quickly edit your PDF file or want to add links to it.

Did you enjoy our tutorial? Do you have any experience using PDFescape? If so, let us know your impressions. You can also browse through our other tutorials like how to extract RAR files and other archives online.

Photo credits: The feature image has been taken by Daniel von Appen.

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