When a Professional Illustrator Works with Children


Children are full of fantasy and possess of sheer endless abilities to imagine wondrous sceneries, monsters, heroes and everything else they like. But when we adults look at their drawings, even though it might be a good effort, often we cannot really see everything in that much detail.

We lost the ability to understand a conceptual drawing and sometimes we just pretend that we saw something. When that happens we just ask the kids something like “And what did you draw now? Is that a princess?” Or we say something similar to hide the fact that we didn’t see anything in all those colors, lines and circles. We don’t want to upset them just because we lost so much of our fantasy.

There is someone tapping into this source of imagination

Thomas Romain is a French animator living and working in Tokyo, Japan. He was involved in creating Code Lyoko and Ōban Star-Racers. But why am I telling you this?

Earlier this year he started to share illustrations on social networks, that were based on sketches of his children. He now frequently posts the sketches of his kids next to the illustration that he turned the sketch into – and the results are amazing.


He currently has about 140,000 followers on Twitter, 54,100 followers on Instagram, and 70,709 subscribers on YouTube. The project has 402 backers who all monetarily support them via their Patreon page for their mission “Thomas Romain and his sons are creating designs and illustrations”. That means that they receive monthly crowd donations of at least $402.

Those “Patreons” get to see a little more of their work as they are supporters of the project. If you like what they are doing, you can follow them on social media as well or even support them via Patreon.

More examples



If you ever lack ideas or inspiration, check with the kids. 😉

I hope you enjoy their art as much as I do. I would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments!

YouTube: Playlist of drawing videos from Thomas Romain

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Photo credit: Daniel Lobo / Thomas Romain and sons

Source: Wikipedia / Social media profiles of Thomas Romain
Editorial notice: The feature image is for illustrative purposes only and not related to the project of Thomas Romain.

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