How to Extract RAR Files or Other Archives Online?


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Here’s a guide on how to easily get files from compressed RAR archives directly in your browser without any other software needed. Sometimes we need to extract files from an archive and need to do that within our browser, but how to go about it? True, the usage of archive files has decreased a bit over the recent years, at least for me, but it still happens that you encounter such files.

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If you’re looking to repair files rather than just extract the contents of an archive, there are also good solutions for that. A WinRAR repair tool can be used for extraction files even from corrupted archives. You can get help to repair RAR file as easily as following four simple steps.

Of course, you could buy and install software that does this, but we are not always on our own computer, and in general, using web tools is really handy not only when you’re on a computer but even more so when you’re on a smartphone. So, the problem is there, now how do we solve this?

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Extracting archive files right in your browser

I am sure that there are several solutions to upload archive files and have them extracted in your browser but the tool from 123apps has been working well for me. Here’s a quick instruction on how to use the web tool:

  1. Go to
  2. Upload your file, provide URL, or connect your cloud storage
  3. Let the file upload, it automatically processed the file now
  4. You’ll be presented with a list of files
  5. You can download the files one by one, or download all as a ZIP file

Please be careful not to process any confidential data on cloud services. This application is likely not compliant with professional data handling policies but will do fine for personal use.

What filetypes are supported?

I was surprised when I learned that the online archive extractor could actually support over 70 types of archive files as well as open password-protected archives and multi-part files. The tool supports 7z, zipx, rar, tar, exe, dmg, iso, zip, msi, nrg, gz, cab, bz2, wim, acealz, ar, arc, arj, bin, cdi, chm, cpt, cpio, cramfs, crunch, deb, dd, dms, ext, fat, format, gpt, hfs, ihex, lbr, lzh, lzma, lzm, mbr, mdf, nsa, nds, nsis, ntfs, pit, pak, pdf, pp, qcow2, rpm, sar, squashfs, squeeze, sit, sitx, swf, udf, uefi, vdi, vhd, vmdk, warc, xar, xz, z, zoo, zi, jar, and other formats.

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How to create an archive file online?

I haven’t found a tool that lets you create RAR archives online, but there are some that do ZIP archives in your browser. You can do a quick Google search for that, but you can also have a look at, which seems to be a stable service for this purpose.

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Maksym Kaharlytskyi. The screenshot of the tool is owned by 123apps.

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