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How to Get the Creator or Business Category on Your Twitter Profile?

New features on Twitter come and go. Some are announced in a loud media bang beforehand and highly anticipated, others just seem to happen, and people would freak out as they are facing something new or different. Remember how the hearts used to be stars? Remember the old font? Remember the ancient Twitter logo? And back in the very early days, Twitter didn’t even let you attach images to your tweets. As I said, some things come and stay, and some others, like the story function, for example, just vanish if people don’t like it.

Twitter Profile Category Creator Account How To
Screenshot: Twitter

Something new that I found out today is that you can now classify your account profile on Twitter. Similar to how Instagram runs, when you reach certain thresholds, you can choose to go “professional” and either become a creator or a business. Finally, you’d be able to show your selected category in your profile, so all of your followers and other visitors can directly tell what kind of user or what kind of company you are.

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But how to do that? Based on my findings, I have now assembled a quick tutorial for you. I did this on the desktop version of Twitter, so I’m not sure if it works the same on the mobile app but feel free to try.

Instructions for getting a business or creator category set up on your Twitter profile

  1. Open one of your recent tweets.
  2. Click on the “Analytics” icon, which is the 5th and the rightmost one.
  3. Click on the “promote this tweet” button.
  4. Then a dialogue pops up asking you if you want to switch to a professional account.
  5. Approve of switching to professional.
  6. You are then asked to classify your handle into a category. Choose one and proceed.
  7. Now you can decide if the account is a business (company account) or a creator (e. g. influencer account)
  8. Continue with the wizard but feel free to close the popup without promoting the tweet.
  9. Wait a moment
  10. Check your profile to see it with the new category above the website link and right next to the account’s location.
Twitter Profile Category Business Account How To
Screenshot: Twitter

You’re done. If you’re not being presented with the function, have a look into the analytics dashboards on Twitter and maybe visit the ad-service portal. It might be that you need to have visited this before you are presented with this option, but I can not verify the exact requirements right now. I hope this is useful for anyone who likes to try new features out on Twitter. Maybe there will be an easier way of setting that up in the future, but this is how it works as of today.

Photo credit: The feature image is symbolic and has been done by Jacob Lund. The screenshots are taken of the Twitter website and are owned by the same.

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