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HeadOffice Reveals Metaverse Working Spaces with VR

The metaverse market is predicted to become a $280 billion industry by 2025, and 73% of the companies would be hiring remote employees. This has created an opportunity for companies to get creative. The work-from-home (WFH) culture has started evolving exponentially. In making remote working fun and more engaging, VR tech is making some significant contributions.

Is it No Man’s Sky, or is it how we’re going to work in the future? One such company is LA-based HeadOffice.Space that’s set to take you to the moon and back through virtual reality. The company provides a space for teams to put their heads together to work, play, meditate, and work out on the moon. Maybe the ultimate version of gamification?

Image: HeadOffice.Space

Working pods for teams

The company offers more than 20 working spaces such as Squadpod, Studio Room, Wellness Center, and so on. The software of HeadOfficeis built on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine that also powers Fortnite. Right now, it is currently available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Oculus Quest, as well as Google Cardboard in beta.


Users can move around in the 3D moon valley, and the premium feature allows them to choose an astronaut avatar from one of their partners, Ready Player Me. HeadOffice is also putting cybersecurity on top of their priority, so it does not require its participants to have social media accounts.

Redefining spaces

According to Buffer, the current WFH culture is facing challenges such as lack of communication, collaboration, and motivation to work on top of loneliness. Marco Carvalho, CEO of HeadOffice, says that people engaging in games such as The Sims and Fortnite could “communicate better in these environments.” He also said that people are more likely to socialize and interact better than “standard video conferencing platforms.”

With that in mind, the company made HeadOffice to be built for individuals, startups, educational institutions, and others to join, host, or own private spaces on the moon valley. Bigger organizations can even secure a customized and branded planet.

YouTube: Turning Remote Work into a VR Game with Headoffice

Photo credits: The images are owned by HeadOffice and have been provided for press usage.
Sources: Sung-soo Bae (The Korea Economic Daily) / Upwork / Buffer / Valerie Vacante (VR Scout)

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