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New XRSPACE Mova VR Headsets Can Bring the World Closer Virtually

Former HTC CEO, Peter Chou, has created the company XRSPACE and developed a VR headset that seeks to bring a social element to virtual reality called the XRSPACE Mova. Unlike most other VR headsets, this headset can be controlled by using just the users’ hands, which are tracked by the camera on the device.

According to the company, the XRSPACE Mova will be significantly lighter than other VR devices. It will be powered with a Snapdragon 845 processor, packing a 6GB RAM and 5G compatibility. This is also designed to be a standalone headset and does not need to be connected to a computer, gaming console, or phone.

Visiting virtual spaces

The main selling point of the XRSPACE Mova headset is that it can be used to immerse the user into a virtual world called Manova. Various virtual spaces can be visited in Manova that are categorized as private and public. Each space offers different activities that can be done with other users. Your private space can be customized, and you can invite anyone to hangout.

In Manova’s public spaces, just like in real-world public spaces, all users can roam freely and participate in the various offered activities such as gaming, yoga, and tai-chi. This means that the possibilities lie not only with education and entertainment uses but also provide means to enjoy better health and wellbeing by staying active in a guided way. The virtual world can also be used to arrange classes where teachers and students can use 3D objects for an immersive educational experience.

Users are represented in Manova by their unique and customizable avatars. Your avatar will be your full body digital self. The company says that after signing up, you just have to click a selfie to get your avatar made. The artificial intelligence (AI) is based on contextual awareness, which means that it will learn your facial expressions and movements and will reconstruct these on the virtual platform. You can make changes to your avatar’s body, face, and outfits.

Facebook is also developing a social VR experience called Horizon, which can be accessed through its Oculus headsets. However, Horizon is still in its invite-only beta version. XRSPACE announced Manova on May 26, 2020, and made it available for pre-order in July. It is available on store shelves in Taiwan, where it can be bought along with a 5G subscription package from a Taiwanese telecom company for $59. Without the subscription, it is expected to cost $599.

YouTube: XRSPACE Global Announcement

Photo credit: The images shown are owned by XRSPACE and were provided for press use.
Source: XRSPACE press release in July and May

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