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Hasselblad Cameras: Why So Expensive? [Video]

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Have you ever heard about the camera maker Hasselblad from Sweden? I’ve been recently checking into what kind of system cameras are out there. I have a Canon that is a little bit aged, and of course, there’s the direct competitor Nikon, but what other competitors for photo cameras are out there?

Hasselblad is maybe not as common, but their quality speaks for itself. It’s a bit frustrating, but this kind of quality doesn’t come cheap. So why are Hasselblad cameras so expensive? Several factors are needed to be considered here. For instance, the cost for research and development, the costs for parts, and of course, the labor costs for the assembly and quality controls.

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The video below is an excellent overview of why these cameras are so expensive, and on top of that, it’s certainly interesting to take a look into their production process. No worker was rushed here. They take as long as it takes to do things properly. Maybe the price is justified after all.

YouTube: Why Hasselblad Cameras Are So Expensive? (Business Insider)

Photo credit: The feature image is owned by Hasselblad and was provided as part of a press release.

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