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Take a Closer Look with Canon PowerShot ZOOM

On October 14, 2020, Canon Europe launched a new product that’s small, yet terribly powerful. They introduced the PowerShot ZOOM, a monocular-style digital camera that is only as big as your palm. Weighing only 145g, this 12-megapixel camera is lightweight and can fit right in your pocket.

Zoom in to its features

Don’t let its size fool you as the PowerShot ZOOM is loaded with amazing features that take a step towards saying goodbye to bulky and heavy cameras. The camera allows the users to take photographs and videos in sharp quality despite the distance, all thanks to the DIGIC 8 processor and an optical image stabilizer. It has a 10fps burst speed shooting, which helps to capture those live-action moments in clear quality images. It is also capable of shooting full HD 1080 30p videos.


The real star feature for this compact digital camera is its zooming capabilities. The PowerShot Zoom has a 3-step super zoom between 100mm, 400mm, and a digitally extended 800mm, which helps the users see things up close and in detail. This is the ideal camera to use for concerts, live events, and games for that front-row experience. It is also suitable for outdoor adventures to catch a glimpse of nature and wildlife even from afar.


The camera has five accessible buttons, making this camera easy to use with just one hand. Pictures and videos are recorded into a memory card. However, with its WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, you can also easily transfer photos for convenience.

Users can also access the Remote Live View when they have the Canon Camera Connect app. where the user or other people would be able to view what the shooter sees through the camera in real-time. Definitely, this camera is a cool and fun option to see distant objects better.

As Shakespeare once said, “though she be but little, she is fierce.” This is very true for the PowerShot Zoom with all the features fitting into such a tiny package. This digital camera is now available for a price of £299.99.

YouTube: Discover the Canon PowerShot ZOOM Compact Telephoto Monocular

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