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Helite Builds Airbag for Bikers

Safety in transportation has become one of the most important factors that consumers and manufacturers have begun to focus on. From better seatbelts to automatic braking systems, it’s becoming common for cars to have more safety measures. However, safety has been relatively ignored for motorcycles. Helite wants to change that.

Motorcyclists can wear various sorts of safety precautions such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, etc. While these may shield a biker from fender benders or smaller accidents, the protection becomes very limited in the face of a severe crash. These conventional motorcycle safety methods aren’t enough to protect a bikers’ body and vital organs.

To address this safety issue, Helite thought outside the box and came up with their new electronic airbag system. Helite’s Electronic Airbag System is a revolutionary piece of technology, and yet the mechanics behind it is as simple as a conventional airbag system.

Helite Electronic Airbag System

Two sensors for protection

The Electronic Airbag System consists of two major components: a sensor placed on the front fork of the bike and another sensor integrated into the motorcyclist’s vest. The sensor on the fork detects collisions and impacts on the body of the motorcycle. Meanwhile, the sensor in the vest records the motion of the biker in context with the rest of the bike. The vest’s sensor can last up to a week without charging while the fork sensor is completely autonomous and does not need to be charged.

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The sensors of the Electronic Airbag System analyze their collective data to detect if something happens to the rider. If the motorcyclist falls off the bike or an impact occurs, the airbag within the vest is deployed. This prevents the body from taking any major impacts and keeps the rider in a much safer state than conventional safety methods.

Helite Electronic Airbag System

While the vest and fork sensors work in tandem, the rider can choose to use the vest independently. This is done mostly within a race track wherein collisions with other motorcycles are not likely to occur. However, this also limits the system capabilities, and the vest may not inflate in the unlikely event that a crash does occur.

Currently, there are two models for the Electronic Airbag System for motorcycles. They have the Turtle for everyday use and the GP Air for race tracks. Helite has managed to increase the safety of motorcyclists on the road, and this simple yet important invention can help save thousands of lives on the road. The Helite portfolio also accounts for systems that protect bicyclists as well as horseback riders. Watch the video below to see more products.

YouTube: Helite Airbag Vests For Biking + Horse Riding

Photo credits: The images used are owned by Helite and have been provided for press usage.

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