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BlackTea Moped: The Electric Motorbike with a Vintage Touch

Motorcycles have come a long way in the past few decades. They were once deemed as dangerous and rowdy on the road but now considered as a vehicle to get from point A to point B in a faster way. In fact, motorcycles are mostly preferred in cities where there the traffic is heavily congested.

Even though they are more fuel-efficient than cars, motorcycles emit far more toxic air pollutants. Just like the rise of electric cars, it’s no surprise that the solution to this would be electric motorcycles.

Fascinated with the thrill of riding motorcycles, Viktor Sommer established BlackTea in Munich, Germany out of the desire to have an electric alternative for motorbikes. The BlackTea Moped is the company’s first-ever design. Although the bike has no pedals, they’ve used the term moped, which means any mobilized two-wheeler in the 50cc segment in Germany.

BlackTea Moped

Design and performance

The BlackTea Moped pays homage to 1970s motorcycles with its design. With the pop of bright LED lights, it creates a sexy marriage of vintage and modern styles. Dressed with all-weather tires and two hydraulic disc brakes, these guarantee optimal satisfaction while riding.

It is user-friendly and lightweight to suit any riding lifestyle, whether it’s for a casual ride around the city or off-road adventures. The BlackTea Moped comes with interchangeable parts so riders can build and personalize their bike according to their style.

BlackTea Moped

Its main feature as an electric vehicle means less noise and air pollution. Without having to sacrifice the quality, the BlackTea Moped features a strong electric acceleration. It has a 5 kW peak performance and 80 kph maximum. At a constant speed of 45 kph, one can ride up to 70 km. To show off its full power, the motorbike can carry a maximum load of 180 kg, easily accommodating two riders plus some carry-ons.

The BlackTea Moped battery takes around 5 hours to be fully charged and can still have 80% of its original capacity after a thousand charging cycles. A secondary battery fits into the motorcycle to double the range if needed. The battery is chargeable with any normal socket, so cross out the fear of getting stranded anywhere as long as an outlet is nearby.

The BlackTea Moped is street legal both in the US and EU. The vehicle’s regular price comes up to around €4,000 or $5,000, which is a good enough investment in the long run.

YouTube: Black Tea Motorbikes – Indiegogo Campaign Finisher

Photo credit: The images used are owned by BlackTea and were provided for press usage.

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