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Phiar Launches Private Beta for AR Navigation App

A common trope in modern technology is automation. If any task exists that requires a bit of effort, the question arises on whether it can be automated using artificial intelligence. One of the most common forms of artificial intelligence that we use is the navigation system.

From Google Maps to SatNav systems in vehicles, these apps use a narrow form of AI to do various things including analyzing traffic and road conditions to find the optimal route to your destination.


But can it be improved? What if the same app that helps you find your way can also provide the safest route? Phiar launched an app that was designed to do just that and more. Apart from using AI to navigate, it also utilizes augmented reality to provide a seamless navigation app.

Evolving the navigation app

The Phiar app can do the basic tasks you may expect such as finding routes and analyzing traffic. It can also monitor and analyze the movement of one’s surroundings to find the safest route, all in real-time. The AR aspect of the app also visualizes which is the safest path to take as you move.


For now, Phiar’s app is a revolutionary take on a rather simple concept that has a lot of potential in the future. With AI-powered navigation systems, the next logical step is for it to work towards automated driving. Since Phiar’s app can also calculate the safest routes, it’s only a matter of time until this becomes a reality.

The Phiar app also works on phones as it uses the phone’s camera to analyze objects and other information without any cloud-processing using the same AI. With all these perks and the potential of something amazing in the future, the app is an amazing addition to have for the average everyday traveler.

YouTube: Phiar AR Navigation Demo for Cars

Photo credits: The images used are owned by Phiar and were made available for press usage.

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