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Does Snow Block the Tesla Solar Roof? [Video]

Solar roofs, also known as photovoltaic home installations, can be tremendously useful for individuals but even more so if many people can leverage this type of technology to “harvest” renewable energy from the sun. This works great in Summer but the Winter months can sometimes mean less efficient processing of solar energy due to snow and foggy weather. But how does this work on a Tesla Solar Roof?

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We found a video that has been recorded by Jason Lassen who demonstrates exactly this case. The video shows the installation before snowfall and after the snowfall. They also compare it with the roofs of other houses nearby. From the looks of it, mostly the snow glides off the Tesla Solar Roof, but some corners remain blocked. As per Lassen, the snow was cleared off in about 24 hours. So, of course, fallen snow will block the process for some time but the snow will not remain in place for long.

YouTube: Tesla Solar Roof – What happens when it snows?

Photo credit: The feature image is a still frame from the presented video and is owned by Jason Lassen.

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