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Soar the Skies with the DJI FPV Drone

Drones are one of the most helpful inventions providing assistance everywhere, from bringing coffee right to your doorstep to saving lives. They possess the ability to go where no man can go, significantly reducing personnel risks. Let’s not forget, they can also perform tasks that would otherwise be impossible for humans to accomplish. Whether it be a simple camera attached to a quadrotor aerial vehicle or a dog-like drone designed for rescue and surveillance operations, life without them would become unimaginably difficult.

DJI is one of the many drone manufacturing companies in the world and one of the leading civilian drone providers. They have a wide range of smart-drones for cinematic, agricultural, and other purposes. DJI’s camera drones are one of a kind and have been widely recognized as some of the best in the field. Their new drone, the DJI FPV is an amazing testament to that title.


Design and specs

The DJI FPV is visually stunning, with its sleek, aerodynamic design that’s coupled with the specs to match the eye-catching beauty. The drone has customizable lights at the front to make each drone as unique as possible.

When it comes to hardware specs, the drone comes with a wide-angle 4K 60FPS camera with panning capabilities. The DJI FPV comes with specialized goggles that can transmit an HD live feed at upwards of 120 frames per second from the drone cam to give users a more immersive experience. Just don’t walk into a puddle while you’re capturing the scenic beauty.

Fly without worrying

The DJI FPV also comes with three different flight modes for a wide range of drone pilots to consider. It has the standard S mode which gives pilots the freedom of manual movement with the simplistic controls of a novice flyer. N mode is for pilots who are newer to drone flying. This provides obstacle detection and other standard safety features such as a smart return to home (RTH) function. Finally, M mode gives full manual control for professional pilots, allowing full freedom of movement and camera control.

These wide ranges of control modes allow for the DJI FPV drone to be a viable choice for any range of requirements, from casual scenic cinematography to more advanced tasks such as capturing F1 races. With an acceleration of 0-100 KM/hr in just 2 seconds, it really seems like this drone can do it all.

If you want to have a more immersive experience, you can opt to purchase a DJI motion controller and use it instead of the standard drone controller. The motion controller paired with the smart goggles can provide an extremely immersive drone flying experience. Otherwise, the DJI FPV package with its accessories can be purchased for $1,299.

YouTube: DJI FPV – A New World

Photo credit: The featured image is owned by DJI and has been provided for press usage.

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