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SpotMini from Boston Dynamics Can Now Dance like a Boss [Video]

The things that Boston Dynamics work on stay mostly behind the scenes. Even though they are not known for revealing a lot about their robotics tech, when they do, it becomes a viral sensation.

That is also why we just had to feature this video of SpotMini performing to Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. Though SpotMini is not the first “dog-like” robot to break out in a dance, you have to admire this cool performance that neatly matches the vibe of the popular song.

If you like this music and enjoy IT-related parodies, you should also check out “Uptime Funk: Well It’s Saturday Night and the Server’s Alright“, originally prepared by SUSE. Good fun: Enjoy! 🙂

YouTube: UpTown Spot

liangpupuStory pitched by news scout Pupu Liang.
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Photo credit: The feature image is a still frame from the presented video and is owned by Boston Dynamics.

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