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ROYBI Robot Uses Play-Based Learning to Educate Children

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The current pandemic situation has increased the importance of early childhood learning experiences. As a result, we’ve seen many innovative technologies and devices intended to help parents educate their children at home.

One such device is ROYBI’s device with the same namesake as the company. The ROYBI Robot was named as one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2019. It is the world’s first smart toy that provides children with a personalized education based on their interests. With hundreds of lessons from different subjects, the device uses Artificial Intelligence to create a fun learning experience for children.

Fun in education

ROYBI Robot is a revolutionary, AI-powered robot created for children from 3 to 7 years old. In the past year, its educational capabilities earned itself many prestigious awards. It uses play-based learning to teach children different subjects in a fun and innovative way. The device has over 500 lessons, stories, games, and songs from more than 70 categories.


With the power of AI, the ROYBI Robot uses the best educational practices to teach children through fun and play. It’s able to teach a variety of subjects such as math, English, geography, science, history, and much more. Its purpose is to help every child learn at their own pace and focus on their interests and skills.

Moreover, parents can also follow their child’s progress through the ROYBI app, keeping them engaged during the learning process of their children. The app delivers daily personalized reports so that parents can be up to date with their children’s learning.

Key features

The ROYBI Robot can understand the child more as time goes on due to its AI technology. The main feature of this device is to teach children in a fun way which includes telling stories, singing, and talking. This creates a strong educational foundation for children during early childhood. The best thing about it is that it’s not a mobile or a tablet device, meaning that children will be taken off large displays and will spend less time in front of screens.


Another essential feature to note about ROYBI Robot is that your child and family’s privacy is guaranteed. The company ensures that all your information is securely stored, and you can shut off the device’s camera or delete all content at any time. They take the parents’ consent as a requirement before they install the app. The device also comes with a privacy policy. In addition, the robot uses technology from KidSense.ai for edge AI and automatic speech recognition, so children can play with the robot even on an airplane.

ROYBI’s founder and CEO Elnaz Sarraf said that the company has been working on its content for two and a half years. They got help from teachers and advisors to define the features of the robot. Ultimately, the company aims to build an international community with this technology. As of this writing, the ROYBI Robot is available for around $199. Its accompanying app is also available for both Android and iOS.

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