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Dipongo Makes Storytime Interactive and Creative for Children

From smart trains toys to a full set of STEM-related tools, technology offers a wide array of options that make learning fun for children. Dipongo is another fun option that encourages kids to read and develop their problem-solving skills.

Dipongo is a wonderfully visual app with original stories and characters created for kids between four to nine years old. It involves the readers into its stories and makes it more interactive for children. Readers accompany other characters in the story like Edgar the Fox on trips within the story.


Interactive storytelling

When the characters presented in Dipongo are faced with a problem, the kids help in providing a solution for the adventure to continue. To do that, kids would have to step away from the app for a while. From there, they can draw on a piece of paper, use building blocks, or create a collage or model — any physical representation to work towards the solution for the character. This stimulates their creativity in making use of their resources outside of the app.

A parent or guardian then helps by taking a picture of the kids’ creation and uploading it into Dipongo. The drawing or construction will then be presented as part of the story. In Edgar the Fox’s case, if he is facing an abyss and he needs to cross it, the child can draw a bridge for him. In turn, the child will see his or her work on the story. This makes the kids see how they can be contributors to the story instead of just listeners.


Dipongo can also share creations and notes from other children for other users to see, allowing for more exchange of ideas. Aside from that, this award-winning app makes use of voice recognition to help children choose the stories they would like.

Co-written with creative professionals, Dipongo’s stories will surely be something the kids can enjoy. If you have kids and you want to make storytime more interesting, the app is free to download for iOS and Android.

YouTube: Démo Application DIPONGO

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