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STEAMathalon: The Future of Learning

Several companies have created ways to fit and enhance our 21st-century lifestyle, and we’re not just talking about inventions. One of these is the reimagining of the conventional classroom setting. Everyone knows the familiar four-walled room with one teacher that makes or breaks the learning experience.

This is where the Kalebr comes in and brings us STEAMathalon. It is a play-based program that promotes innovation and well-being by integrating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) into one core curriculum. Similar to the known theme of STEM but adding the arts in as well.

Par for the future course

CEO of Kalebr Americas and STEAMathalon founder Aaditya Tangri has stated that “Future-proofing oneself is so important right now because we have no idea owing to the fast nature of technology, what the future would look like. What we can do right now is equip ourselves with future skills.”

STEAMathalon involves an academic triathlon made up of three tasks designed to challenge, engage, and enrich the participants. These tasks test their abilities and allow them to work in a team to showcase their talents and make new connections.

Aside from that, it also enables students to solve real-life problems. “It is really uplifting to see students as young as 10 years identifying practical solutions to real-world problems,” shared Cleveland State School principal Mark Ionn.

STEAMathalon is a solution to create a new learning environment that is suitable for our society today. This combination of student engagement in learning, inquiry-based approaches, problem-solving, curiosity, imagination, and design thinking will help students prepare for their future as well.

This guest article has been prepared by Cathleen Claire Soco.

Vimeo: STEAMathalon

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Jelleke Vanooteghem.
Sources: ParOne Invitational Classic / Redland City Bulletin / AMEinfo

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