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CircuitMess STEM Box: Enjoy Learning About Electronics With Your Kids

It’s great that you can learn about electronics and robotics together with your kids, just like the Intellino Smart Toy Train. There are a lot of parents, including me, who are very keen on technology and gadgets. Meanwhile, most kids are more excited to break down their toys and do the research on their own. Well, finally, we got a solution that can help your kids learn more about electronics, even robotics.

CircuitMess has come up with a series of projects in their STEM Box so that you can educate your kids and yourself. This gives you hands-on experience with artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous driving, and more.

The STEM Box

An electronics programmer from Zagreb, Croatia named Albert Gajšak wanted to create a range of projects that will help kids to learn about electronic programming, designing, and much more while playing. Thus, the STEM Box was created. It has a series of fun electronic kits for children aged more than 11 years old. That’s right; you also can play with this even if you are an adult – we won’t judge.

CircuitMess STEM Box

If you subscribe to their service, you will get a box of customized electronic mechanisms every three months. The box will come along with an instruction booklet, code examples, and online video tutorials. So, now you can play with technology like Elon Mask and have fun.

For those who are unfamiliar with it, STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics which are also the four main skills to have for electronics and coding. The CircuitMess STEM Box is a fantastic solution because it allows students to learn and create new technology with different coding and design much like the RoboMaster S1.

What’s in the box

The CircuitMess STEM Box has been designed for everyone to learn a wide range of electrical and programming skills in the most engaging way. Here is what you can find in the entire subscription series.


Spencer is an assistant solution that you can build yourself. It can talk, light up, connect to the internet, and understand simple voice commands. It has a funny personality that tells jokes and will find you new ones online.

The microphone picks up on your commands and triggers coding functions when certain words are used. The LED display has a colorful RGB grid consisting of 128 pixels to show data, custom icons, animations, and scrolling text. Spencer can also tell you the news and the weather forecast in your area. It can also remember things you say, set an alarm, and even remind you of upcoming calendar entries.

CircuitMess STEM Box


If you are a music enthusiast, then this second box is for you. The Jay-D will help you learn how microcomputers and other electronic components are used for sound production. You may get a bit closer to becoming a DJ or producer as well.

This mini mix table includes all the basic functions such as two simultaneous playback slots, BPM control, and sound equalizers and effects. It also has a display enabling you to see a list from your song library and put tracks in a queue, a Class-D amplifier, two 3W speakers implemented for DJ-ing on the go, and 20 RGB LEDs on board – for the bling-bling.

CircuitMess STEM Box


This project can help you make your own autonomous vehicle. This tiny wheeled car has a camera and a microcomputer that can be programmed to read autonomous navigation and small roads while driving. It requires two small electromotors and a rechargeable Li-Po battery that comes along with the box.

The built-in Bluetooth and WiFi will remain connected to the internet so that you can keep the car on track with the help of an LCD. The assembled Wheelson can use its camera to go around, recognize QR codes on the floor and flash the built-in RGBs accordingly, and take photos. It can also connect to the internet and other IoT devices like the Spencer robot assistant.

CircuitMess STEM Box


The ByteBoi is an upgraded version of the 8-bit educational gaming device. This one is coded in MakeCode Arcade which includes an online coding interface that comes with examples and tutorials.

You can also control your Wheelson with Byteboi because of its built-in WiFi chipset. You can play pre-made games as well or even make your own video game.

CircuitMess STEM Box


The Chatter will give you the feel of having a wireless phone. It consists of a pair of free, private, and security-first texting compatibility.

The best part of the Chatter is that it does not require any cellular network or SIM card because it can create a wireless network and communicate with the other paired device. You can send text messages, emojis, memes, and GIFs with LoRa or low-power-wide-area network technology. As a bonus, you can even play snake games.

CircuitMess STEM Box


Now, you can make a real smartwatch with coding. It is equipped with a dual-core ESP32 microcomputer and Bluetooth low energy and WiFi onboard.

You can connect the Clockstar with your smartphone with the mobile app and can mirror the notifications in its 128×128 TFT color display. The equipped gyroscope, accelerometer, and a magnetometer can be used for motion tracking. It uses machine learning to recognize and memorize movements and trigger actions according to assigned.

CircuitMess STEM Box

The CircuitMess STEM Box lets you become a kid with your kids and have fun. Put your first step to the world of electronics, soldering, and programming with the kit. Gather more interactive experience with this gadget as it covers a specific topic in each box.

Now become a pro in technology and utilize your free time and make something new that will make you proud of yourself with the CircuitMess STEM Box. Currently, it is available on Indiegogo starting at $89.

YouTube: CircuitMess STEM Box – Imagine if you could play with technology like Elon Musk

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