This Fake Movie Trailer Might Be the Start to Your Career in Semiconductor Industry


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I just saw the official trailer for “Contact Protocol”. At first glance, it looked like it was going to be an interesting movie about science, technology, engineering, and math. It was as if someone put a modern thriller into a huge STEM motivational message. Yet, I couldn’t find a release date or any other such info anywhere on the video description. What did I just watch?

It’s more than I thought

Now what? I am reading through the comments and the majority of the people are reacting just like me. People are interested in the movie, can’t find any info about it, love the STEM aspect and want to learn more. But some have figured out what this is all about. “Contact Protocol” is not a movie and it will never air, no matter how cool the trailer looks. It’s a project by SEMI, which is an umbrella organization to thousands of companies that are part of the semiconductor industry.

YouTube: Contact Protocol (Official Trailer HD)

What’s the point of all this? It’s not an ad. Or maybe it is, but a very subtle one, that does not intend to sell a product or service. With this cinematic trailer, they are showcasing a scenario in which a deadly virus is becoming a plague and endangering the human species on a global scale. But in order to defeat it, you don’t need the latest semiconductors and microchips, that would be too cheesy.

People deliver technology that solves problems

The message here is more on the talent that enables technology. It’s about the people who have ideas and invent and the brilliant minds out there who solve problems. In order to cure the virus and save us from extinction, we need smart minds like a chemist, an engineer, a computer scientist, a mathematician and more to join the team.  Together, they will work to predict the virus mutation and prevent the pathogen from spreading and becoming more harmful.

It sounds like the game Plague Inc,  but now you’re on the other side of the team. The main actors in this trailer do the things they do because they can. Because they are thirsty for knowledge and hungry for innovation. They do their job and humbly respond with a casual, “you’re welcome”. And that is the underlying theme here. It’s about the people who make, who build, who do. It’s the message that if you are a smart mind like that, you could consider a career in the semiconductor industry if you want to truly change things for the better.

Of course, this is a little bit over the top but the essence of it all remains true. STEM is important early on in the lives of our youngest ones but it doesn’t end there. All those bright minds should pursue a career path that lets them play the way they need to in order to solve problems. If you feel like a maker, maybe you’re game is semiconductors. If this trailer for a fake movie gave you goosebumps, maybe it’s time to consider the exciting world of semiconducting.

Without semiconductors, you’d not be reading this

All the things that we keep on reporting on here on TechAcute, such as AI, robotics, biotech, self-driving vehicles, and much more are only becoming a reality because of semiconductors. Without these pioneers who work in this field, all of these new innovations would have remained science fiction It is up to you. If you want to learn more about this, go check out the “you’re welcome” project site and definitely watch the trailer below. I think it’s a cool campaign. What about you? Enjoy!

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