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Plague Inc. now infecting PCs

James Vaughan, CEO & Founder of Ndemic Creations

Plague Inc.: The game that infected millions of gamers on iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets alike is now available on PC. Design your strategy to infect all humans and avoid being cured in an all-new experience developed by Ndemic Creations.

James Vaughan and the Ndemic Creations team sure did a good job with this one. We were happy to get our hands on the PC version in the early access phase and would like to tell you a little bit about it.

The game’s objective

The goal of the game is to develop a disease that spreads across continents, infects all humans and mutates deadly symptoms to eradicate the population. The difficulty is added by micro managing to avoid the cure from being completed and killing all infected humans before the whole world is infected. There are different types of diseases available, such as a virus, a parasite or even a zombie apocalypse that are unlocked throughout the game.

Plague Inc. Now on PC

Starting from the 20th February 2014 the re-designed Plague Inc: Evolved will be available for PCs on the popular gaming platform Steam. The PC version was entirely re-done from scratch to make sure it will run smoothly on PC and actually extends the Plague Inc. experience and not only doing a port from iOS to Windows.


Both competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes are on the roadmap for development but not yet implemented. Looking at the update frequency of this game, it is however very likely to arrive very soon.


Currently the game is stable but in an early version. Further modules are being worked on and will be available soon. Compatibility for both Linux and Mac is also planned.


Plague Inc: Evolved successfully managed to turn a very popular smartphone game into a neat PC version. For approx. 20 USD you will be able to call this little super villain dream your own. I liked the smartphone game already a lot but I really dig playing this version on my Microsoft Surface PC with touchscreen capabilities. If you have a little doomsday doctor inside of you – this might be for you!

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