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RoboMaster S1 Teaches Kids About Robots and Coding

As I often like to say, technology is one of the greatest industries in the world. Not only does it enhance our quality of life, but it also makes learning easier. This is especially important for children since they can use technology not as a distraction but as a learning tool.

After all, it is pretty much certain that the world is heading in that direction. To this end, technology experts are thinking of new ways to transfer their knowledge onto younger generations in a fun and interactive way. The creative minds at Chinese tech company DJI have come up with a product that can contribute to the call – the RoboMaster S1.


What is RoboMaster S1?

This four-wheeled rover is the smaller version of a product first presented at the RoboMasters Robotics Competition. While  DJI  specializes in drones, they made RoboMaster S1 which is basically an educational robot. Its modular design allows kids to build their own S1 from the ground up and learn how to code along the way with hands-on experience.

The robot consists of several parts. The intelligent controller is just the first of many. Its powerful CPU supports AI computing, low-latency high-definition image transmission, and programming development which all seamlessly coordinates the transmission to execute commands. The blaster uses LED lights to outline launch trajectories and fire non-toxic gel beads and infrared beams, accompanied by vivid sounds effects.


The S1’s 2-axis 540° × 65° rotation range provides a wide field of vision for the FPV camera. Its built-in direct drive brushless motor accompanies the IMU and advanced algorithms to facilitate precise movements and quality image transmission. It can also sense its gel beads and beam strikes thanks to its intelligent armor panels.

Building the robot will be a sure hit among kids, but the real star of the S1 is the programming aspect. The system supports Scratch and Python programming, both of which are taught in schools for visual programming and AI programming respectively. Anyone can code this robot, even with no previous experience. It also has a dedicated app for it in case you get one which is available on iOS and Android.


The company has plenty of video tutorials and user manuals to lead you through the entire process. The RoboMaster S1 currently costs $499 and is available in the United States, China, and Japan.

YouTube: DJI – Meet the RoboMaster S1

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