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Develop Your Child’s Intelligence with Intelino Smart Train

When I was a kid, I used to play with wooden toy trains. Simply put, kids love toy trains. However, parents are more aware of their child’s intellectual and mental development. The would opt for toys that are more educational than just merely for playing.

Intelino Smart Train works like that. It is the smartest toy train launched last year which incorporates smart coding and advanced robotic technology. They reimagined the classic toy train to entertain children and build up a tech-savvy mind. Kids will not just play with it but also develop their intelligence level as well.

What is Intelino Smart Train?

Intelino Smart Train is designed as a typical commuter train. It has been specified for kids aged three and up. However, the context of the train provides a moderately complex set of action blocks for kids of all ages.

Intelino Smart Train

The Intelino Smart Train is also designed to captivate children with tech that has an impressive STEM learning feature close to the global STEAM solution. The trains are built to deliver interactive play with engraining power that’s sophisticated yet simple enough for kids to enjoy and learn with.

The train has advanced robotic technology and built-in optical sensors. It maintains a consistent speed regardless of the carrying load of the train. You can operate it through a smartphone app that tracks the train via Bluetooth. Your kid will still be playing away from the screen but learning new skills at the same time.

Intelino created this train based on being intuitive, interactive, and intelligent for children. These aspects were combined for a unique experience when playing with this toy.


The smart toy train is ready to go right after you unpack it from the box. The installation of each part is easy with dual-sided click together and interlocking tracks. Its smart rolling feature engages the player from the beginning. You can also have the most classic wooden track systems with this toy train offering retro compatibility.


The train consists of a smart engine with integral sensors. No matter if you are an adult or a three-year-old child, you can still rock this toy train. Intelino allows for both on and off-screen playtime to encourage interactivity with the users. Even your three-year-old kid can control the basic functions off-screen with snap action commands using color sequences.

Intelino Smart Train

The plastic tiles of the snap action commands are simple. Both front and rear sensors scan the track and search for commands to obey in terms of the tile color. Different colors of tiles give different commands and can be placed anywhere throughout the track. The change of colors commands the train, from its movement to the music it plays.

On the other hand, advanced users can play it on-screen using the Intelino companion app on their smart device. Turn on the train’s dashboard using a remote-control feature on the app and get instant feedback.


The Intelino Smart Train has intelligent robotic hardware with a 32-bit ARM microcontroller with BLE wireless connectivity. It is the source of power for the smart engine. It also controls the magnetic steering system of the train, the electromagnetic coupler, dual-color sensors, 3-axis accelerometer, speed, and capacitive sensors. The programmable smart hardware is controlled by the Snap Editor option from the app. You can also create custom action snap commands to enjoy advanced control of the train.

Intelino Smart Train

The kids of this generation are enthusiastic about technology and gadgets. so the plan was to turn their enthusiasm into something constructive. At a young age, kids remain energetic and full of imagination, and it is the best way to utilize their intelligence. The innovation of the Intelino Smart Train is based on the idea of allowing the children to grow up learning basic programming and coding from an early age. By encouraging tactile play and creativity, your kid will have an outstanding mental growth. So give your kid the Intelino Smart Train and help them become smarter and sharper with fun and intelligence.

YouTube: Meet the intelino Smart Train 

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