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Orderli: Order Your Dinner with a QR Code

Despite the reduction in restrictions and COVID-19 cases resulting from the high vaccination rates, the risk of getting infected hasn’t gone anywhere. For that reason, technology that can help mitigate those risks, such as shopping for groceries line-free or HoReCa businesses embracing digital tools, is on the rise. For example, Dutch start-up Orderli offers a QR-code Point of Sale (POS) solution for restaurants in the Netherlands that allows for seamless, contactless ordering.

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Digital menu and POS integration

Founded in 2019, Orderli offers a solution for restaurants and bars via a QR code app through which customers can order. A restaurant can print out the QR code and stick it to the tables. When a customer scans it, they’re directed to a website with the menu and can choose what to order. The app then sends the order to the restaurant’s staff.

Orderli - Scan the QR code with your phone
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The app offers integrations with many POS, such as Toast, MplusKASSA, unTill, and others. If the POS of a restaurant doesn’t support integrations, Orderli provides a tablet the restaurant can place next to the POS to show the orders. Staff can then input the orders into the POS manually.

Orderli offers a 2-week free trial. After that, the pricing begins at EUR 29 per month, but this basic package doesn’t allow POS integration or delivery support and only offers a custom logo. The standard package is EUR 149 per month and allows for integrations, lets guests order on tab, offers delivery support, and custom logos and colors. Meanwhile, the Pro package is EUR 199 per month and allows all of the above, plus full customization and 24/7 support.

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What’s next

The shift from the physical menu to QR codes doesn’t appear to be a passing fancy. Over the last 18 months, QR code downloads were 750% higher than in the previous period. The use of QR codes simplifies the order process and, during the time of the pandemic, mitigates the risks of transmission through touching a menu.

Image: Orderli

Indeed, YCombinator-backed Orderli makes the ordering process relatively straightforward, and as of September of this year, it has processed EUR 3 million worth of orders in the Netherlands. It has also recently acquired another Dutch start-up called mycapa.city for 1 EUR. That company was founded in 2020, and it worked to help catering businesses make the best of the government’s social distancing measures and achieve maximum occupancy at a given time.

The goal of the acquisition is to cement the company’s position in the Netherlands. It’ll continue developing mycapa.city’s software and working with its customers. According to mycapa.city co-founder Thomas Vles, Orderli is the ideal partner to help develop the software further in the future.

YouTube: Orderli video (Dutch)

Photo credit: The images are owned by Orderli and have been provided for press use.
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