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Ceres Holographics and Covestro Create Holographic Display for Vehicles

As with every aspect of technology right now, the automobile industry is also experiencing big leaps in innovation. Ceres Holographics and Covestro announced their strategic partnership to create a product that can contribute greatly to the transportation industry.

These two companies might seem to belong in different areas of expertise. Ceres Holographics specializes in the digital mastering and replication of holograms and holographic optical elements (HOEs). Meanwhile, Covestro is a leading supplier of high-tech polymers. With their specializations, they were able to create Bayfol HX photopolymer films and have aimed to commercialize them.


Using holograms as a display

The Bayfol HX film has a light-sensitive material, self-developing photopolymer film that can provide holograms and is cost-effective. This makes for a highly efficient transparent display that will be used for automotive displays.

By collaborating with each other, Ceres Holographics and Covestro have created a very unique and beneficial innovation that can change the course in the transportation industry. Most accidents happen when the driver is not in full attention on the road. A mere two seconds of not looking on the road will trigger a fatal accident that might lose a life. To avoid that from happening, the Bayfol HX film helps the passengers to keep their eyes on the road as the display shows up on their windshield.

The Bayfol HX film will encourage manufacturers to integrate components into the hologram that are traditionally placed in the dashboard, such as the speedometer and GPS display. There is also a strong possibility of integrating the vehicle’s full dashboard functionality in the near future which will be beneficial for any driver.

With Ceres Holographics and Covestro’s partnership, the creation of the Bayfol HX film provides a solution for the automotive industry. With it being cost-effective, easy to manage, and implement, the film is also a great help in providing comfort and safety to both drivers and passengers.

Photo credit: The featured image is owned by Ceres Holographics and has been provided for press usage.

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