Cloud Services and the Automotive Industry


How Can The Future Automotive Industry Be Revolutionized By Cloud Services?

The automotive industries have progressed with newer technologies. New systems give the customer better services and convenient driving options. The smart phones have given rise to smart cars. New and trendy services lure the customers and Internet has become the latest fad amongst the users.

Cloud service is the latest technology used in the vehicles. It can store and control a never-ending amount of data. Lack of hardware space in the cars has given a boost to the use of cloud based services. With this service, the driver can access multi-media, save energy, operate home appliances, monitor security systems like CCTV, and get traffic updates and alternate route suggestions. It makes driving easy with many added services.

Future of Automobiles

This Technology is bound to grow in the future. It can bring many more revolutionaries in the scope of driving. Some of the future services could be:

  • The entire focus will shift on customer comfort. The customer wants a personalized experience with his car. The adjustable suspensions which new cars have incorporated might get more features to it. It would adjust according to the road surface and weight of the passengers. This could be given a twist when cars would not move when overweight or, unless all the passengers have buckled their seat belts.
  • A driver might be able to carry his data along with him wherever he goes. He has his list of contacts, texts and emails all stored in the cloud of the vehicle.
  • Two or more drivers would be able to access each other’s data, track their location or communicate through the means of vehicle. This would transform the car into a communication medium.
  • Cloud software services will enable the car to notify the users and the concerned company, when it requires servicing.
  • Wipers would work automatically and adjust their speed in accordance with the rain. The rear and side-view mirrors also would automatically clean themselves in moist conditions. Hybrid vehicles would be seen everywhere.
  • Security is a major area where this Technology might develop. Physical sensors are used to give pre-collision warning which could be replaced by cloud system enabling greater accuracy and efficiency. Cameras would be fitted on the front, back and wheels of the car for more vigilance.
  • Accident reduction is an area where the cloud services should focus. Over speeding and mobile phones are the prime reasons behind accidents. Internet blocking, inbuilt permissible speed limits for a particular road, and similar systems could be adopted.
  • The limited hardware will make the car spacious for the users and in turn cut the costs. The cloud will be successful in meeting the demands and expectations of the users in various automotive applications.

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