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Hologram Tables Could Arrive This Year [Video]

Can we get the Holodeck yet? Nope. But what we possibly can get soon is the hologram table from the Australian company Euclideon Holographics. This solution seems to make use of mixed reality visors to process the visual information, but it could be very interesting for industries that require to review 3D models before making decisions.

As per their homepage, they plan to get these hologram tables out to their customers sometime in 2018. Without a doubt, this could also be used for home entertainment instead. Just like with VR solutions, it pretty much depends on the content. What do you think about this clip below?

YouTube: World’s First Hologram Table

Photo credit: The feature image is owned by Euclideon Holographics and has been made available for press use.
Editorial notice: Footage shown could partially or entirely be of conceptual nature and does not necessarily reflect how the final product will look like.

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