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Extracting Fashion Trends from Videos with VogueAI

Have you ever lusted after a gorgeous piece of clothing you’ve seen on TV but couldn’t find it anywhere? How about a stunning ensemble you spotted on a blogger’s Instagram or TikTok? Fashion bloggers and influencers are the biggest trendsetters today, and they rely heavily on video content. That means that retailers have to pay attention to what videos can do for them, too.

An India-based company called Fynd has provided different kinds of solutions. One of them is a video analysis solution called FyndTrak that allows capturing insights. With that solution readily available, they’ve created VogueAI. This AI-driven tool analyzes video content in a fully automated way, helping extract fashion straight from videos and provide information in one go.


Discover fashion trends with machine learning

VogueAI’s automation is achieved through a DAG-based ML processing framework. First, the solution extracts the metadata from the video. Then, it filters out the less relevant frames based on various factors such as face orientation, pose, and lead performer. After that, it clusters similar images and passes them through a ranking algorithm to figure out the best ones, like filtering out blurry images.

Finally, extracts the “fashion attributes” by parsing the clothes and creating a color palette from what the character is wearing. The final product from the VogueAI tool will come in the form of a video that will provide the information you need about the apparel you’re viewing.

In addition to consumers hunting for outfits, the VogueAI solution could also work for retailers. Instagram has a shopping feature, and it’s a proven use case for many businesses. So, why not make use of the visual content and have the video take your consumers directly to your catalog, for example? If you want to try it out for yourself, head on over to its website and try uploading your favorite fashion video.

YouTube: VogueAI | Automated Fashion in Movies/Web Series | Netflix Emily in Paris

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