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Airboxr: Analyzing Multiple Data Sources in One Place

One of the main problems that many people are dealing with nowadays is that it can be hard to analyze different spreadsheets and appropriately study them. That’s why Airboxr was created to provide business analysis with a simple way to query data from multiple data sources. It comes with an intuitive, easy-to-use sidebar and various solutions that make spreadsheet analysis up to 10 times faster.

Connecting all data in one place

The main focus of Airboxr is to provide a simple way for customers to acquire and analyze their finance, operations, sales, and marketing data in Google Sheets. On top of that, it allows users to connect to Facebook Ads, and Google Analytics, among others. It’s also possible to enrich all the lead data with the necessary contact details. Plus, users can save the analysis and run it with just a single click.

Airboxr can either add a user’s connections from all the data sources or lets the user insert spreadsheets as data sources according to their choice. They can also import data from internal data sources. It’s also possible to query the proprietary data sources if needed, and every query can be saved as Hops. Users can also run them on-demand with just a click, thus bringing more efficiency and support.

For those who constantly work with CSVs and tools like Google Analytics, Salesforce, and HubSpot, Airboxr presents a promising solution as it runs lookups from third-party systems. This conveys a sense of efficiency and support while also bringing in tremendous success and a really good value for money. The best part is that you can query external sources to find sales leads, and the calculations are done a lot faster as well.

Handling spreadsheets and all the information at once can be very difficult, and you can miss a lot of potential benefits. However, Airboxr does an amazing job at connecting your Google Sheets to any data source and placing it in a single place. There’s a free trial of 14 days, but they offer lifetime access for a meager price of $39.

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