Unbiased Uses AI and Big Data to Fight Fake News


Nowadays, we are encountering a lot of fake news on the internet. That’s becoming a problem because a lot of people believe them, and it just lowers the credibility of many news outlets all over the world. Finding a solution towards fighting fake news is incredibly important, and that’s why the startup Unbiased was created in the first place.

Unbiased is in a public beta state, and they provide a platform focused on user privacy where users are able to monetize their data and also receive incentives. The search app is also used for big data analytics can deliver insights to the users. Their opinions can have value, which helps make the experience better and more comprehensive. On top of that, with such tools, it will be easier than ever to move towards a healthier society where quality and transparency are the best values.


The power of crowdsourcing and innovation

One of the main benefits of Unbiased is that it harnesses blockchain, AI, and machine learning as well as crowdsourcing. The main mission of the platform is to help users stay away from misinformation and fake news. This has become a major problem in the online world, but Unbiased fights against that and focuses on the delivery of better value and outstanding results in the long term. This is a much better alternative to current tools while still bringing in resounding benefits.

The Unbiased platform brings in a dedicated search engine, data marketplace, data integrity, and a great AI system designed to help you ensure that you have access only to the best information in the online world. The system itself is great because you can do a simple search to gain insights. You will also have data privacy and user consent.

At the same time, there are incentives for value creators. On top of that, Unbiased initiates a sharing economy and data marketplace designed to help make the entire process better and more convenient than ever before. You’re also getting access to a multitude of platform features. These include things like a dedicated messenger, all-in-one social media, digital tokens, and a digital wallet as well. Getting all these tools up and running will eventually help make the process better and more consistent than ever before. It’s one of the best things about the platform, the fact that it constantly evolves, and it helps bring in a lot of growth to the social world.

Unbiased has a very noble goal of eliminating fake news and supporting creators of proper, high-quality content with the use of machine learning, AI, and blockchain. The results are great, and they are working extremely hard to push the boundaries and provide customers with extraordinary success. It’s still growing as a platform, but the potential is huge, and it does bring in front some amazing benefits. All you have to do is to check it out for yourself, as it has tremendous potential.

YouTube: Unbiased Plattform Overview

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