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Activision Releases ‘Call of Duty: Mobile’

Everyone’s favorite FPS franchise Call of Duty has recently stepped into the spotlight once again with the release of Call of Duty: Mobile. Activision has teamed up with mobile gaming giants Tencent and Timi Studios to produce an FPS of the highest standards.

The game has proven to be a fun experience for newcomers and veterans of the franchise. Since its release, it has become a huge hit in the mobile gaming market despite it being a new venture for the franchise.



Call of Duty: Mobile is definitely a familiar experience as it picks up a lot of elements from its predecessors. The game sets up an environment that would make long-time Call of Duty players feel right at home.

Popular characters of the franchise such as Soap and Ghost are available, as well as classic maps like Hijacked, Killhouse or Nuketown. Other features included are fan-favorite modes like Team Deathmatch as well as Search and Destroy. It also includes a take on the Battle Royale mode, implementing the BR map from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Issues and rivalry

Despite its success, Call of Duty: Mobile is still far from perfect. Aside from numerous optimization issues, it’s supposed to have a zombie mode that was available in the beta version but missing in this final release. However, there’s still hope. Tencent has a reputation for having frequent updates on their mobile titles, so there will definitely be more to look out for.


This isn’t Activision’s first mobile title, however, it still faces fierce competition in the mobile market. These include PUBG and Fortnite which have had the advantage of getting a head start. We’re also seeing more console games come to mobile with the release of Mario Kart Tour which has its controversies due to limited playability and microtransactions.

However, Call of Duty: Mobile is off to a promising start. Currently, it has few microtransactions, not to mention that it has multiplayer capabilities from day one.

We’ll see how the game develops over time as it is definitely a promising title with room to improve. With the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare coming up on October 25th, the game has been a huge boost to Activision Blizzard.


So far, Call of Duty: Mobile seems like very good news for Activision and its flagship brand. Since its release on October 1st, it has already hit over 20 million installs. It also became the number 1 free app on mobile in 33 different countries. Interested players can download the game on Android and iOS.

YouTube: Call of Duty®: Mobile – Official Launch Trailer

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