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2018’s Call of Duty Title Rumored to be Black Ops 4

The Call of Duty series might have lost some of its lustre over the last few years, but it still has a strong fanbase. It has been challenged by the likes of Destiny and indie innovations like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Still, the series and Black Ops editions continue to make big money for publisher Activision.

So, there’s a strong desire among gamers to find out what’s happening. Word on the ground is that this year’s episode will be an extension of Black Ops story, bringing it up to episode 4. Developer Treyarch is still in charge of this series and will be looking to reinvigorate the franchise.

Another tidbit is that the game may also land on the Nintendo Switch. If so, that proves the company’s hybrid hardware can handle the latest titles, even if not with all the bells and 4K whistles of the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro versions.


Black Ops’ Service Record

The first Black Ops game landed in 2010 and managed 5.6 million sales in its first few days on sale, hitting 31 million overall. 2012’s BLOps2 sold a whopping 7.5 million at launch and 29 million overall. 2015’s BLOps 3 sold over 25 million in its first year, suggesting something of a lull, but bringing in over $550 million in revenue on launch is still huge money.

With massive sales of Nintendo Switch, the move seems a smart one. 15 million were sold as it approaches its first birthday. With Nintendo fans growing up and the company accepting mature content, it’s a natural fit. That’s as Sony and Microsoft will likely fight for exclusive DLC and bragging rights over frame rate performance.

We have not received any information from Activision around this but will keep you up to date, if we receive any updates on the matter.
Photo credit: Activision
Source: Marcus Sellars, writer for Nintendo Switch Network, per tweet.
Editorial notice: Images used are from the game Black Ops 3.

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