6 Audience Engagement Tools for Event Marketing in 2022


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Okay, Okay. We agree that you are well aware that high audience engagement is crucial to rating an event as successful. But are you also aware of the tools that make the events engaging for your attendees? You might have heard some names, but you need to have the best working for you for the event to be a stand-out.

We will bring your attention to the best audience engagement tools that might have missed your eye in the past through this guide. All these tools are different in many aspects, so it is up to you to select the one that fits your business objectives.

Useful audience engagement tools

Putting the best audience engagement tools in front of you. Let’s get into a detailed analysis of them.


Taggbox is a social media content aggregator tool that collects social media posts from many platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., and organizes them in one place. Now this aggregated feed can be made relevant through advanced filtering and appealing through unique themes, styles, designs, and customization features.

After this, feel free to showcase this curated social feed at live, virtual events, in-store screens, digital signage displays, DOOH, e-mails, etc. Taggbox’s Instagram wall aggregator tool enables users to regulate, tweak, and embed or display Instagram feeds at various locations such as websites, events, ecommerce, virtual events, and digital displays.


Glisser improves your delegates’ experience by making it convenient for them to speak out and break up the standard presentation experience, which can get a little dull. In addition, Glisser is an audience participation tool that allows listeners to share their thoughts on themes chosen by the speaker. Glisser can be used for live polling, audience Q&A, quizzes, event feedback, or even collecting digital notes.

You can also quickly acquire insights and statistics from the event to understand a variety of indicators, such as session effectiveness, engagement rate, and even attendee’s pleasure. In addition, Glisser creates visually appealing infographics that make calculating event ROI a simple task. Glisser also interfaces with most event platforms, so you can use one of those interfaced platforms if the built-in engagement features aren’t up to par.


EventMobi is an end-to-end event management platform for event organizers. It helps you to plan, promote, monetize and deliver engaging virtual, hybrid and in-person event experiences. With EventMobi you can design a convenient mobile event app that could be an interactive pocket guide and help attendees navigate the event. This app provides a complete range of tools such as interactive agendas, advanced mapping for quick venue navigation, built-in live streaming, advanced analytics, and many others.


Mentimeter is a tool for interactive presentations that allows you to engage your audience and deliver real-time updates, comments, and insights. Unlike most audience engagement platforms, Mentimeter allows you to create your presentations and include interactive questions such as multiple-choice, open-ended, word clouds, polls, and quizzes.

You can also create your presentation theme using free stock photos and GIFs from their virtual collection. The audience can then vote, respond, interact, and participate in the presentation anonymously, which is ideal for live webinars or virtual meetings. For international audiences, there’s even a translation feature.


Loquiz makes your event a lot more fun. This primarily game-based tool helps organizers build exciting and engaging games for their audiences. LoQuiz is the best gamification platform for keeping your attendees excited. Select any of the platform’s free game templates. After that, you add tasks to that game template.

This is a remarkable way to engage your audience by guiding them through simple, exciting games and quizzes. Of course, you can also make the game your own by customizing every aspect of it, such as hosting a customized treasure hunt in which visitors must find ‘treasure’ relevant to your event or company.


Crowd Mics is a free app that turns the audience’s phones into wireless microphones. CrowdMics is very helpful during forum-style events or other situations when a roaming microphone is required. The software pairs with an ATOM box, connecting to the venue’s wired network and sound system. Meanwhile, the moderator controls who speaks via an iPad app interface. Crowd Mics also provides polling and commenting features.


The eventScribe mobile event app offers multiple features, including the ability for attendees to ask questions, leave comments, and connect via a private social networking platform. Another intriguing feature is the opportunity for participants to view and annotate presentation slides.

After then, they can share their notes with the rest of the group. The app also has social networking features that allow users to interact and speak with one another, a terrific method to create relationships between a real and virtual audience.

Wrapping up

Engaging the audience at your events has become relatively easier compared to the past; all you need is an ideal audience engagement tool by your side. We want you to have the best of the future events, and to take you an inch closer to your goal, we present you with this guide that carries a list of top audience engagement tools you need to watch out for in 2022. So, please select the one that matches your company’s objectives and get on with it.

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