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“Has technology brought the world together or torn it apart?” That is a million dollar question to which probably nobody can give an answer that would be acceptable to all. It is extremely difficult and may be even illogical to choose sides as we all know that it has done both. Though the world has shrunk with many venturing out of the comfort of their homes in search of new avenues and better future, it has also widened the distance between loved ones. We have all wondered and reminisced about the past wanting to connect with our lost mates without being able to find a concrete way to fulfil that desire. Then, the internet arrived with a bang that had us shooting emails and staying in touch with those loved ones who were separated by distance and time. The last decade saw the rise of one of the most remarkable inventions within the realm of the internet. Social Networking!

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Social Networking helped us see relationships in a new light. Suddenly everybody was connected to everybody else and though the reality of touch and feel is missed, nobody can deny the fact that bonds that were thought to be lost previously were remade and new interesting ones were forged. Communication acquired a new meaning and the journey of contemporary connections, thus began! Post the humble beginnings, novel and innovative types of social networking sites cropped up. From photo sharing to professional networking, quite an eclectic blend of sites is available for netizens today.

Facebook – Creating a new page in history

Facebook-FB-High-Resolution-Large-Logo-Quality-Blue-Square-Icon-1024Being a common social media favourite among millions, it is virtually impossible to debuff the influence of Facebook over the citizens of this world. With an estimated 1,000,000,000 registered users and counting, it is undeniably the most popular among social networking sites today. For many of us, Facebook has shown the way to get in touch with our loved ones, find those we have lost touch with but desperately want to connect to, get updated on the important events and happenings in their lives, update them on ours and most importantly find new connections and relationships that serve to expand our world while bringing the planet together.

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Since its inception, Facebook has seen enormous growth due to its uncanny ability to adapt and change with the environment by bringing in new and improved versions, additions and innovations to the table for user consumption. Facebook also blends photo & video sharing, messaging, chatting, gaming, blogging and apps in one single site. Connections are made even more interesting by sharing games. Facebook is also being used successfully by many organisations to connect directly with its customers and thus serves as a marketing tool with great future potential. By allowing users to create individual customized pages, Facebook is a great platform for displaying talents, conveying thoughts, selling products & services, spreading awareness on social issues, connecting like-minded people to fight for the right causes and sharing news and latest happenings in the world. Facebook serves as an information treasure trove and if used well, will help improve knowledge of individuals and enhance business opportunities for organisations and budding entrepreneurs.

Virtual Decorum

With new updates and acquisitions, Facebook is certainly here to stay but with all these advantages, come a few drawbacks. From privacy and security issues to abuse of information and spreading of misinformation, Facebook like other sites, is prone to all. It is in the hands of every user to ensure that such social sites are used to their advantage. Professional or personal, certain etiquettes, if followed diligently, will aid in minimising the risks and maximizing returns and impacts of any social networking site.

  • As much as we appreciate and ensure our privacy, we should at all times, respect those of others. We should refrain from posting private messages and information of ourselves and others on public platforms.
  • How we project ourselves in social media is how we are perceived to be in real life. So it is absolutely essential to be kind, tolerant, respectful and non-judgemental.
  • We should avoid posting offensive and abusive comments, pictures, videos or news and information in any public platform.
  • We should ensure that only relevant and useful or entertaining information is posted and avoid bombarding people with unnecessary and useless data.
  • We should choose target audiences for our posts carefully and ensure clarity of information and data at all times.
  • Any friend request to unknown persons (someone with similar likes that we might want to connect to) should include a little information about ourselves and we should accept rejections gracefully.
  • Professional and personal pages should be created separately and maintained accordingly.
  • Finally, though social networking sites are an excellent way to connect, we should ensure that they are not over used. Too much self information would either cause harm or tire our loved ones out enough to make them avoid us in future.

Social Networking is a boon, to those who know how to use it effectively and to their advantage. It is in our hands to value this technology and use it for what it is, a tool to connect and enhance ourselves in the process, not a replacement for relationships and bonds. For those who realise that, it is indubitably a godsend!

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