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StackUp: Gamification for Your Browser

All of us spend a ton of time online, and even though that time is used for learning, it can be hard to find out which topics you learn about, what are the most important ones for you and so on.

Some clever developers have thought about this and came up with StackUp, which is basically a gamification approach towards learning. StackUp is more than a simple game idea, instead it’s a neat technology that can help companies from all over the world track metrics, while also helping people track how much time they spend on certain sites. This tool is also useful when it comes to helping students track their progress while learning.

You just have to create an account on StackUp, download the browser plugin that will start monitoring your progress and then register it.

The best thing about StackUp however is the fact that the app seamlessly creates a report based on the data that it acquires, and then it delivers the result to you so you can see a detailed information of your learning progress. You will be able to see if you have enough care with your learning endeavors, while also having a complete insight on the top sites, an important and valuable piece of information to say the least.


StackUp comes with around 60 different categories that you can track while online, and all the sites are automatically added in them with complete precision.

Alongside the normal uses, StackUp also uses the gamification approach to simplify the way people monitor their website browsing activity.

Based on our experience with the service, we can clearly say that StackUp is very detailed and filled with some impressive information. Not only it stacks up the total time that you spend on the sites, but it also provides you with a composite score and it will also tell you for how much time you are using the service.

StackUp-Example-Report-Case-CV-Performance-Browsing-Insight-EducationClick for large version

Once the data has been accumulated, the report will share the time you spend on each stack, with the top sites being listed the first and the others after that, in a gradual manner based on their importance. What’s very interesting is that each stack will receive a score, based on the amount of uses made in a certain period of time.

Of course, StackUp also provides you with the ability to track the collected stack time, but the most important piece of info besides that, in our opinion, is the daily stack average, which makes it very easy to track how much time is spent with these sites on a daily basis.

We think that StackUp is a rare gem, because not only it tracks the productivity of a person while browsing sites, but it also makes it very easy to improve it as well, based on that data. The same can be said when it comes to learning, since StackUp is very useful to improve your learning capabilities! After using StackUp for quite some time, we can clearly say that this is a very interesting and efficient app, so we recommend you to check it out.

Photo credit: Mike Rastiello / StackUp

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