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5 Popular Free Mobile Games That Require No Internet Access to Play

Need a cool mobile game? We got some interesting ones for you to play even without making use of your data plan. Some people live in areas with suboptimal mobile service and can’t always play mobile games without issues. Others, like myself for instance, really like to save data because they are perhaps not on a huge data plan.

Also, there are people who are taking trains through tunnels to work or school and get easily cut off from playing Internet-based mobile games. It would be nice to have mobile games that just let you play a bit without the necessity for Internet access and data consumption – for many possible reasons.

Here’s a list of five popular free mobile games that you can just install when you’re in a Wifi network and then play anytime without the need to let the game connect to the Internet. I hope there are a few good ones here that match your taste.

Adventure Llama

I don’t know about you but I adore llamas and similar animals for some reason. They are cool and chill and have swag and they explore ancient ruins to discover the secret origin of the llamas. Okay, maybe not all of them but Pablo from Adventure Llama sure does. Adventure Llama is a fun puzzle adventure mobile game in a cool pixel retro style.

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Space Marshals 2

In Space Marshals 2 you get a bit of everything. You get cowboys, you can sci-fi laser guns, you get shooter action and stealth gameplay. It’s also worth noting that this title is not a round-based strategy game. It’s definitely more of an action shooter that happens in real-time but still requires you to use a bit of strategy and tactics in order to achieve your objectives. Saber Rider anyone? Galaxy Rangers? If you’re all about wild west in outer space then you might have fun with Space Marshals 2 too.

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I Love Hue

If you’re more a fan of colors, shapes, soothing sounds, and puzzles, you might like the game I Love Hue. It’s got less action than the previous titles from this list but this type of game also has a large audience with its almost meditative look and feel. It starts with a bunch of easy puzzles to solve but it includes more than 900 levels for you to experience and complete. A picture is worth a thousand words – a video is worth even more.

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Soul Knight

I’m a fan of roguelike games in general and Soul Knight does not disappoint in that genre of mobile games. It’s certainly not the only game of it’s kind, but it’s well designed and developed in my opinion. The game is mostly considered to take place in a fantasy environment but it has got some modern elements to it, such as pistols, turrets, or grenades which are special abilities of the various character classes. The heroes are unique and the dungeons are randomly created for you to play through. You can spend a lot of time in this title without getting bored.

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Badland. Yeah, well Badland is… Badland is Badland. It’s a little bit weird, in a way, but it does have a positive vibe to it when you play it. I have a hard time defining what this game is about, but I would put Badland in the category for puzzle games. The developer describes it as “…atmospheric side-scrolling action adventure platformer set in a gorgeous forest full of various inhabitants, trees and flowers”. What do you think? Definitely worth a look and perhaps you should just try it out on your phone before you discard it without a second glance. It has won various awards and has been played by 30 million players worldwide so far.

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All of the mobile games listed here are free but might include in-app purchases for cosmetic items or progress boosters. If you’re looking for games for your children, you might want to make sure that your family account and purchasing options are properly set up first to prevent in-app purchases. Have fun!

Photo credit: The feature image is owned by Orube Game Studio.

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