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SoundSelf: A Technodelic VR Meditation Game

Immersing yourself in a digital world through VR is remarkable, to say the least. It opens pathways for further innovation in gaming. While VR is still quite synonymous with gaming, it also opened up to other types of use.

The technology is now being used from teaching children to helping a person move on from a loved one’s passing. This is also true for games like Journey and Dreams as they explore non-traditional ways of playing. Put the technology and gaming together, and you get SoundSelf

Relax to your sound

This VR meditation game uses visuals and audio to help a person relax. SoundSelf makes use of one’s voice and soothing immersive music at set frequencies in the background. As it does so, the visuals change as well, giving you an experience like no other. 


SoundSelf has an exhaustive list of features that make gameplay irresistible and convenient. You can “play” the game in darkness with just your headphones or have the full experience with VR. it’s all up to you to decide.

The audio is best described as ‘hypnotic’. Your voice powers the audio, with the synesthetic DMT-style visualizations that change with frequency and wavelengths. What’s more, you don’t need any musical skills. SoundSelf is a soothing experience that caters to all. 

Experience however way you want 

VR games often have specially-designed consoles fit for their purpose. This makes VR a very expensive choice. People tend to save their pockets and compromise on their gaming habits. However, that’s not the case with SoundSelf.

It works considerably well with any microphone. Furthermore, there are no pesky in-game purchases. SoundSelf provides its users with infinite replayability. This psychedelic experience works even for those who have no prior knowledge or experience in meditation. 


Piqued curiosity

SoundSelf seems very promising and the trial has proven to come out favorably. SoundSelf has most VR users in anticipation while non-VR users are contemplating to get themselves a headset to experience it.

The game is therapeutic, refreshing the mind and soul with just a simple setup and a few taps here and there. What more could one ask for? Andromedia entertainment has opened the doors for gaming to branch out. If their digital technology can help soothe the mind and body, who knows what else they have in store for the future. SoundSelf is currently available on Steam, Oculus, or as a direct download for $29.99.

YouTube: SoundSelf: Official Teaser

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