ExitLag Prioritizes Lag-free Mobile Gaming Experience


ExitLag is a Florida-based software development company that has been working for the mobile gaming market for the past 12 years. They offer software as a service (SaaS) to provide an optimized, lag-free experience during gameplay. The company believes that the mobile gaming experience they offer is enriching and cost-effective.

How it works is that ExitLag maps out all the internet routes the device will be taking for gameplay and sends a ‘boost’ to optimize these routes. The boosts will be lined up in packets to be sent to the routes.

In case the internet route becomes unstable during a packet’s session, another packet will be sent to provide that extra boost. ExitLag guarantees a steady connection through a ‘real-time optimization system’ that relies on a global server network. The algorithm of the software is designed to calculate the most stable internet pathways. The pricing starts at $5 on a monthly, quarterly, and semiannual basis.

The adoption of 5G technology has been in talks for over two years now. But are these fast internet connections enough for a lag-free mobile gaming experience? We had the opportunity to speak with Lucas Skowronski Stolze, manager director at ExitLag, and he shared some valuable insights into what works best for the mobile gaming industry.

Is 5G or a fast internet connection enough for a smooth-sailing mobile gaming experience?

Stolze says that in ExitLag’s 12th year in the gaming-tech industry, they have learned that a fast internet connection is not the only aspect that helps optimize the gaming engine. There’s also the fact that 5G connectivity has not reached the masses yet, and not everyone is going to buy a new 5G-enabled smartphone. “The telecom companies are betting on 5G to keep up with rising demand by customers for streaming videos, mobile games, and other data-heavy apps. However, there are still many people who do not have 5G-capable phones, or do not live in areas with coverage,” shared Stolze.

So what’s the optimal solution?

To answer that need to have a constant connection, Stolze explained how the software is able to enhance your connection while you play by “amplif[ying] your game’s performance by raising the frame rates per second with our FPS Boost tools.” The app also has features like “a multi-internet connection allowing the use of two internet sources simultaneously to ensure an uninterrupted gaming experience in case one internet provider fails and traffic shaping in which the game’s data traffic is prioritized to ensure the connection isn’t affected even while other devices share the bandwidth.”


Is it realistic?

ExitLag says that the software is designed by gamers, and made for gamers. So there is an assurance here that they know what they are talking about. “As gaming technology continues to advance, we have been constantly evolving, developing new technology, and improving our software to deliver the best gaming experience to our users,” adds Stolze.

ExitLag also optimizes data to send an optimal packet to the connecting route. “In case one route fails or becomes unstable, the others kick in keeping the game connection unphased,” he further adds.

Acceptance in the gaming community

The company is aware that acceptance in the gaming community might be hard in the beginning, but they are also confident that if given a try, there will be no regrets. With this software, you will not be forced to buy a new phone to play games that require a fast internet connection. ExitLag is equipped to rid you of the lag during a gaming session, whether it is offline or online.

YouTube: ExitLag – How it works

Photo credit: The feature image has been taken by ELLA DON.
Editorial notice: The interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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