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4 Types of Social Media Content You Should Be Creating

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Social media has taken over the world and it is the first place that people go to when they are looking for new information about their interests. This is why if your business is part of the technology space, you really need a great representation of your activity on social media platforms. A good social profile is very important for a tech company and it is the piece that will complete your marketing strategy. If you’re not influential on social media it is as if you don’t exist, and the number of followers dictate your status.

There are a few ways to grow your account fast, and some of them are probably familiar to you. Generally, there are two ways of getting more followers: paid and organic. It is up to you whether you’ll choose, for example, to get more Instagram followers via a growth service such as Growthoid, or you’ll engage your potential customers via quality content. When talking about content, there are many different types of content that your tech company should be posting on social media including some of the following:

Use live videos

Live videos are videos that allow you to interact and engage with an audience on social media in real-time. Live videos are very popular and they can be done on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A tech company can really benefit from hosting live videos because they generate a very high reach. According to statistics, 80% of brand audiences would rather watch a live show than read a blog and 82% of the audience prefer live over social posts. Going live is a great way to showcase your brand’s personality and it is a way to put a face to the business which is also important. Lives allow your audience to engage with you directly and participate in conversations which is great for building a relationship with your audience. On top of getting a high reach, live videos also get more impressions than any other type of content on social media.

Use expert quotes

51% of marketers get a better quality of customers when they employ influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is still relatively new but it has risen in popularity. Influencer marketing uses key leaders to drive a brand message to a larger market and instead of marketing directly to consumers, you pay or hire influencers to do the marketing for you. This is a guaranteed way to expand your reach and gain more customers because influencers have a large and loyal following. When you mention industry experts in your posts you expose your brand to a wider audience and that audience starts to view you as a thought leader which makes your brand look very good.

Using guides and tutorials

Another thing you should be doing is creating helpful and practical guides on topics that your audience wants to learn about and that your business is knowledgeable about. When people are interested in a certain topic, they love in-depth analysis and are generally very willing to provide their phone number or email address in exchange for more information. You can use eBooks as a way to guide people. Tutorial videos are also a good idea and are useful to your clients and they also show how great your product is which is a benefit. Guides and tutorials are helpful for customers so use them but also simplify customer care by implementing a knowledge base.

Create your own hashtag

Hashtags are a word or a small series of words that start with the “#” symbol. They are used on social media to categorize content based on a certain topic or theme and when used they can increase your visibility, make your content more discoverable and expand your reach. This is why tech companies should use them all the time.  Posts with hashtags receive twice as much engagement as posts without hashtags so it is really in your company’s best interest to use them whenever you post on social media. You can create your own branded hashtag that is exclusive to your business and helps you track what people are thinking about your business as well as creates a community.

Social media is definitely the present and future of marketing and tech companies can gain a lot from marketing this way. The traditional way of marketing is old-fashioned and social media has completely revolutionized the way that we do business. Remember to market effectively on social media, use live videos, use expert quotes and influencers, use guides and tutorials and use hashtags and branded hashtags. Concentrate on these strategies and you will have real followers that engage with your content. If you apply these guidelines to your strategy and be consistent, then you will see a positive improvement.

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